OPPO, Vivo, Huawei & Gionee Among The Top 6 Phone Companies In China In May

by Joel 3

Chinese market research firm, Sino recently published its new report about the smartphone market share in China for the month of May. The report gives us some interesting insight about the market in China and the market share held by smartphone giants in the region. One major highlight of the report was that the Chinese companies, OPPO, Vivo, Huawei and Gionee (yes, it made it to this list), who are also known together as “Jinhua OV” (where Jinhua is for Gionee and Huawei, while OV is for OPPO and Vivo) did pretty well in May.

may smartphone market share china

All the above mentioned Chinese companies have made it to the top 6 list of smartphone makers according to market share in the month of May. The other two are none other than Apple and Samsung. However, both the companies have lost some market share in the period. OPPO was yet again one of the top-performing smartphone companies in May in China. It sold around 5.310 million units during this period, much higher than any other company, with a share of 15.3%. Right below OPPO, was Vivo with sales of around 4.220 mil in May and market share of 12.1%. Apple and Huawei are right behind Vivo with a difference of around 500K between each place. Surprisingly, even Gionee has made it to this list, shipping 1.711 million units in May.

The overall sales of smartphones were strong in May. Sino reports that Chinese market saw total sales of 34.74 million units, an increase of around 12.2% as compared to April. Domestic brands did particularly well during this period, increasing its contribution to 82.1% in May.

While we knew that OPPO, Vivo and Huawei are doing well in the smartphone industry, what’s really surprising is the rise of Gionee during this period. Looks like Gionee’s S, W and M series are doing quite well in the Chinese market.