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Elephone P20 Details Leaked, 6GB RAM & Powerful Camera

by Joe 12

Elephone has been busy lately, working on the release of its upcoming Elephone P9000 Edge smartphone with a bezel-less display. Now, we have got some new details about an upcoming device from the company, which is going to be called as the Elephone P20. Apart from the name, we also got a few details on the phone’s specifications and a couple of pictures which gives us a glimpse of the device.

elephone p20 1

The Elephone P20 will be yet another powerful flagship from the company this year. The phone will come with 6GB of RAM, joining the ranks of high-profile smartphone makers like OnePlus, Vivo and LeEco to feature such a high RAM device. Further, the phone seems to come with a capable camera as well, featuring f/1.7 aperture. The sensor is probably from Samsung but we are not yet sure of that. Also, it looks like the P20 will most likely end up using the Helio X20 deca-core chipset or maybe Helio P20 (judging from the name) from Mediatek. From the leaked images, it will also feature a bezel-less display as the Elephone P9000 Edge. No fingerprint up front could only mean one thing, the fingerprint sensor is located at the back of the device.

elephone p20

We still don’t have any clue on the release date of the device, but don’t expect the Elephone P20 to be announced anytime soon, since we first have to meet the Elephone P9000 Edge. The Edge is yet another powerful flagship from the company which has been in the news for the past six months. You can read more about the specs about the P9000 Edge from here.

So, what do you think about the Elephone P20? Does Helio X20/ Helio P20, f/1.7 aperture camera and 6GB RAM interest you?

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  • ozkn_s

    Hi mr joe
    I have a question
    Elephone p9000 edge or elephone p20
    Cpu→helio p20 or helio x25 or helio x20 ?
    Everyone’s talking different
    What is the exact status ?
    I want very much helio p20

    • Joe

      as far as the information I ve got, it says Helio 20 chipset, it could either be Helio X20 or Helio P20. Judging from the name, it could be Helio P20..

      • ozkn_s

        Daisy froze fortunes

    • willysson

      Patience please, in another 9 months they’ll release the official specs and open up pre-ordering!

      • ozkn_s

        9 months
        Why so late ?

        • Shofi’i Quraqurajava

          just be patience or make your own phone!

          • ozkn_s

            You are so funny
            if they do
            Cpu →helio x25 or helio x20
            why wait ?

            Cpu→if helio p20
            It was released in February
            Helio p20 Cpu
            hard to understand

  • Steven Fox

    This will launch maybe in November, or not at all.
    Elephone is a hype machine that never delivers.
    Their most underadvertised models are actually the decent ones
    P6000, P6000Pro, Trunk.
    Everything else is not worth picking up at the current price.

    • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

      Because there is a high demand of orders for the top models, a demand that Elephone is continuously struggling to manage. We the members of sites like GizChina/GizMo may not like the Elephone, but I still see a bunch of people buying their phones on all big china resellers and they’re somewhat happy.

      • Steven Fox

        I fail to believe they have such a high demand for their so called “flagships”.

        • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

          Well I don’t really care much about their sales, but it’s a fact that the people continue to buy their phones.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    wtf are elephone thinking ?!

    POLISH THE P9000 Edge first !
    come on MORONS !