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Blackview BV6000 Review – A Decent Rugged Smartphone

by Linus 10

Blackview has produced quite a few devices over the but it is not every day that we are reviewing a rugged, water, dust and shock resistant phone. Learn more in our full review.

Blackview BV6000 Review: VIDEO REVIEW

Blackview BV6000 Review: UNBOXING


The phone ships with all the usual stuff and some extras include USB OTG cable, a pair of earphones, a screen protector and a screw driver.

Blackview BV6000 Review: SPECS

4.7″ 1080p (Full-HD)
Mediatek MTK6755 HELIO P10, 64-bit, quad-core (up to 2.0GHz)
5MP Front/13MP Back
Bluetooth, 3G, 4G, GPS, WIFI, GSM,EDGE, GPRS, UMTS, HSPA, HSPA+, dual-SIM.
4.500 mAh (non-removable)
15.2 x 8.1 x 1.7 cm / 150g
Android 6.0
32GB (expandable via microSD card slot up to 256GB)

Blackview BV6000 Review: DESIGN and DISPLAY


The phone is quite a brick due to its rugged design. The device is IP68-certified, meaning that it is water, dust and shock resistant.


The device is well built and it uses rubberized plastic as well as metal in its construction.

All the ports are covered with flaps, so the water does not reach in. You have to keep in mind that the phone requires a longer than usual USB connector meaning that regular USB cables will not work with this phone.


We have a 4.7” 720p panel, which is okay for a phone like this but the display could be slightly brighter. The phone is designed for outdoor use after all.



There are 3 nicely backlit capacitive buttons but it is disappointing that there is no LED notification light. As for selfies, we have an 8MP interpolated camera (5MP sensor).


On the back, we have a 13MP camera, which can take 18MP pictures.


In order to access two SIM card slots as well as the microSD card slot, you have to use the supplied screw driver to open up the cover.


The loudspeaker is far from the best I’ve heard. The sound is tinny and it gets distorted at the highest volume settings.


The usual buttons are nice and tactile. Also, we have some extra buttons like a camera key, which acts as a shutter button. It is supposed to open up the camera app but it simply takes too long to do that. We also have the PPT (Push to Talk) button. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to test this feature out. Lastly, we have the SOS button, which automatically sends your GPS coordinates to the set contact number in case of emergency.


Overall, the phone is thick and heavy but it is built like a tank to survive those extreme situations.

Blackview BV6000 Review: HARDWARE and PERFORMANCE


The phone doesn’t skimp on the hardware either. It sports a Mediatek Helio P10 chip with the clock speeds of 2.0GHz, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of expandable storage.

Surprisingly, the device can handle 3D games very well. Asphalt 8 runs fine on the highest graphics with just some minor skipped frames and the phone does not overheat.

Blackview BV6000 Review: BENCHMARKS

Blackview BV6000 Review: USER INTERFACE

When it comes to the UI, the device runs on Android 6.0 with Blackview’s skin on top of it.

We have some redesigned icons and the app tray is removed. Also, there are some basic customization options and quite a few gesture controls. Some of them work fine while others not so fine.

Most importantly, the UI runs fast without any hiccups or lag on a daily basis.

Blackview BV6000 Review: IMAGE QUALITY

The 13MP camera can take some okay looking images but they are definitely not the best in class. The pictures could have more sharpness and detail and the quality decreases in lower-lit situations.

The 1080P video is okay looking too. Nothing spectacular but not bad either. See a video review for a video sample.

The front camera takes some noisy looking selfies but it may be enough for social media.

Blackview BV6000 Review: CONNECTIVITY


As for connectivity, we have all the usual options that work great. Also, the device supports NFC.

Blackview BV6000 Review: BATTERY LIFE


The device ships with a beefy 4500mAh battery, which performs great and it will definitely get you through the day. I could get way over 5 hours of screen on time despite using the phone quite intensively and that is a good result. On a light use, I could get over 6,5 hours of SOT.

Blackview BV6000 Review: CONCLUSIONS


Blackview BV6000 is a rugged phone that is actually pretty good.


It is well-built but not too large, it has quite powerful internals that assure a smooth UI and even gaming performance. Also, a large battery powers up the phone for quite a long time without the need to recharge it.


On the other hand, the display could be brighter knowing the fact that that the device is mainly designed for outdoor use.


While the camera is not bad and you can take some okay looking images, Blackview could have invested in higher quality lens.


All in all, Blackview BV6000 may not be perfect but it is a decent offering if you are in the market of IP68-certified phones.


Design and Build
User Interface
Battery Life
Overall Performance
Value for Money
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  • willysson

    Wanted to know about GPS ability AND that PTT function. Can you at least explain the PTT? Does the phone actually have UHF/VHF radios?

    • Alan

      As i know, the PPT is a very convenient communication app, the latest video of Blackview show this function. you can watch it on youtube.

  • Alston

    I feel this kind of mobile phone function in the picture is good, bought BV5000, before going to buy a BV6000 now.Don’t know the function of the other phone no BV6000?

    • Ricardo Oreira

      Blackview is doing … kinda meh por that price (sansumg clone ) … Have you heard about the agm gold x1 18k edition ? AGM will be offering the X1 limited edition from today until 17th May and if you act fast you’ll save $30 bring the price of the 18K gold phone down to only $269.99. Visit Aliexpress or Coolicool to order one today.

  • mf1gt3r

    Battery life is bad. 4500Mah battery on a 4.7inch HD screen and only 5hours onscreen time with heavy usage? Not good.

  • Carlos Orff

    Water test would be good…1m and 30 minutes….everyone is showing such phones in a glass of H2O which means zero pressure.Can you test it at your backyard as you have some pond of water there if it is 1m deep and update with the results.

  • Pek

    Wating for Android 7.0 update

  • Faizan Shah

    Nice . but i have Found a Better Beast than This the Amazing Nomu S30. its Damn so High in Specs and has amazing Looks with Better Build Quality. i am loving it

  • haq

    Another Competitive brand has launched named as “Nomu” They recently has launched 3 amazing smartphones with strong character and specs,
    The Nomu smartphones are IP68 certified, so they make the water and dust resistance video and show it to the audiences.
    check out the video on their youtube channel..

  • Smith Ellison

    Blackview BV6000 Camera quality is not good enough, display with low resolution and expensive as well. on the other side AGM A8 much cheaper,bigger HD display with quality rear camera and come with update Android 7.0. looking forward to receiving my unit soon..