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Upcoming Elephone R9 In Pictures: JDI Display, Sapphire Blue Color Option & More

by Joe 6

Elephone has slowly started revealing details about its Elephone R9 flagship smartphone. The company today released a few set of images of the upcoming device as well as confirmed a few features.

Elephone R9 01

The Elephone R9, like the name suggests will be inspired from the OPPO R9. Given that the R9’s design has been very well received by customers in China and internationally, there’s no surprise that Elephone decided to use a similar design on its next phone.

Elephone R9 02

The Elephone R9 will come with an all metal body with CNC one stamping technology. This would ensure the curves are smooth and the phone looks premium. As you can see in the images, the phone comes with a front facing fingerprint sensor, which uses a glass cover. Overall, the design looks pretty good. Further, Elephone revealed that the phone will come with JDI full lamination in-cell display, which ensures that the panel is super thin and the touch is good.

Elephone R9 Sapphire Blue

I particularly liked the Sapphire Blue model, looks pretty unique.

You can check out more images of the Elephone R9 from below.

Elephone R9 03 Elephone R9 04

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  • MaxPower

    Looks decent, the problem is that it’s going to be on presale for a couple years at least

    • Wolvie

      LOL you’ve taken the words out of my mouth.

      I got a feeling that the reason Elephoney keep posting new products every weeks so people will keep remembering their brand. So instead of improving their product quality they choose this lame way. But soon or later people also will get tired of their stupid advertising.

  • It’s basically the S7 they’re bringing out, except for the glass back has turned into a metal one.
    Still though, maybe they should focus less on designing new phones and bring out some already. How long has the P9000 Edge been due for now? I mean, I’d rather see a company work out the kinks and release it when it’s actually any good, but then put your resources to good use and get something going first, before you look at the next best thing. Which is a lot of things… P9000 Edge. P20. S7. R9. How many phones one really needs?

    • MaxPower

      I’m starting to think that behind Elephone there’s a team of designers that make renders of new phones and that’s all.

      The p9000 Edge was announced back to January. It’s almost September which means 8 months have passed and still nothing.
      8 months in this field is a huge time span.
      By the time the phone will be available for sale is going to be outdated already.
      Buying Elephones is like buying expired food.

  • G’n’T

    That blue does look awesome.. At least they are going with something different in the way of colours.

  • Jeremy Dre

    By the time this is available they would’ve announced 5 more flagships. That’s why I never go for elephone