Samsung Rumored as working on Snapdragon 830 Chip on a 10nm Process

by Jed John 1

Samsung is yet to fully milk the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, not to talk of the Galaxy Note 7 but talks have started to shift to the Galaxy S8 which would be next year’s flagship. Recent rumors with their origin as South Korea reveal that Samsung will feature the Snapdragon 830 chipset which Qualcomm is expected to release next year on some versions of the Galaxy S8. On top of that, the rumor also reveals that Samsung and Qualcomm have struck a deal which would see the South Korea tech giant manufacture the Snapdragon 830 chip on a 10nm node process. The Snapdragon 830 has featured in earlier rumors alleging it would be manufactured using the 10nm process.

qualcomm snapdragon

According to the rumor, the technology at play will be called Fan-out Panel Level Package (FoPLP), and it would enable Samsung to produce the chips without a printed circuit board for the package substrate. On this technology, Samsung and Qualcomm will allegedly work together to develop it. The FoPLP technology is said to lower cost of production and makes the integration of Input/output ports easier, with a thinner chip than before. Also, the fact that it would use a 10nm node process implies there would likely be improvements in power and heat control.

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As we have heard in the past, Samsung is also working on its own Exynos 8895 chipset which would use the same 10nm node process and is said to be the SD 830’s counterpart on the Galaxy S8. Although nothing is confirmed at this point, we’ll be on the look out for more information on this new alliance between Samsung and Qualcomm to see how it eventually plays out.


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