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Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus Owner Sues Company Over Failure to Release Update That Unlocks Full Features of NFC

by Habeeb Onawole 12

A Chinese man by the name Mr. Zhang has taken Xiaomi to court over the company’s failure to release an update that unlocks the full function of the NFC chip in his phone.


Mr Zhang had earlier purchased a Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus after reading on the company’s website that a stable MIUI update that will bring the full features of NFC such as the use of bus cards and bank cards will be released in late October.


Now that we are already half way into November, no update has been released yet and Mr Zhang isn’t happy. After writing to the company to table his complaint, he requested for a refund and compensation which the company has failed to respond to. He has therefore decided to file a suit against the phone manufacturer.

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The suit is valid due to the consumer protection act which can hold businesses accountable for actions which can be deemed unfair to consumers. While the case is still pending, the court will most likely rule in favour of the plaintiff as the statement on the website led him to purchase the device in the first place.

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  • Muhammad Yasir

    oh boy

  • leifo

    I will newer buy a Xiaomi phone again if they make NFC restricted.

  • Wait… you can sue someone in china?

    • lildwell

      Apparently you can sue someone for anything possible in China.

      • Except copyright infringement haha. My comment was a joke by the way.

        • lildwell

          I know. I was just commenting on the amount of ridiculous lawsuits that have been reported from China. Like one guy sued his wife for having an ugly baby.

          • And who won?

          • MaxPower

            The lawyers.

          • Haha

          • lildwell

            If I remember correctly the man won. The woman had gotten plastic surgery so the man argued that she misrepresented her baby making abilities….

          • What a crazy place.

  • Wolvie

    This will teach a lesson for the AROGANT Xiaomi so they HAVE TO START LISTENING TO THEIR CUSTOMERS !!!!!