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Gizmochina Giveaway – Win A Free MGCOOL Band 2

by Shine Wong 148

mgcool band 2

Gizmochina along with MGCOOL official is conducting 3 units MGCOOL Band 2 as Giveaway to gift to 3 of our lucky readers. Like always, you just have to follow the steps mentioned on the Gleam widget to get a chance to win this amazing smartphone.

mgcool band 2

MGCOOL Band 2, the wearable we presented some time ago is here and at a very competitive price too, only $18.99 on Gearbest. Here is the main features of MGCOOL Band 2:

  • Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • IP rating: IPX7
  • Bluetooth calling: Phone call reminder
  • Messaging: Message reminder
  • Health tracker: Heart rate monitor,Sleep monitor
  • Remote control function: Remote Camera,Remote music
  • Notification: Yes
  • Notification type: Facebook,G-mail
  • Other function: Alarm

Just follow the steps mentioned in the Gleam widget to participate in the giveaway. Good luck!

Gizmochina Giveaway – Win a Free MGCOOL Band 2

Update: Please sure you have visited MGCOOL official Facebook page, and Liked it. We will pick winner from who liked MGCOOL’s Facebook page. Thanks for your understanding.

Update 2: The 3 winners are picked today, they are Edmond L, Jorge P and Claudiu E. Congratulation!

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  • Mery Saiz Lopez

    Heart rate monitor

  • Fonsi Lopez Gallo

    Water resistance

  • Heart rate monitor is the feature I would like to have 😀

  • Saifu Tippu

    All features

  • Орест Дем`ян

    Heart rate monitor

  • Aslam khan

    Superb #Gleam widget

  • Arie Kembario

    Remote control function

  • Rohit Kavathekar

    IPX7 certified is the feature which i like the most.

  • Deborah Villavera Dividina

    I love the health tracker and the waterproof features. ❤️

  • Maria Teresa Fernandez Ferreir

    Heart rate monitor

  • Oleg Kaniovskiy

    nice, i want it

  • Cynaegeirus

    All features

  • Chris Alcantara

    What really i like most in features of MGCOOL Band2 is its being Waterproof…
    This is the best among the best…

  • Deborah Villavera Dividina

    I want one please..

  • Ram l. Tapawan

    I love the Gmail and Facebook notification. Love ita color black. Very fashionable.

  • Ricky H.

    Design and IPX7 features 👍
    Its excellent

  • Abegunde Olusola Innocent

    Its built to stand out..

  • Eftihis Samolis

    Amazing Smart Band!!!

  • Hassan Mazhar Muhammad

    I love it.

  • yacinedj15

    what i like most in features of MGCOOL Band2 is
    -Health tracker: Heart rate monitor,Sleep monitor
    -Waterproof and Notification
    In summary all features of this product are good
    i like it, i hope to win it
    thanks MGCOOL and gizmochina for this giveaway

  • Filipe Soares

    I want to upgrade my Mi Band 1S 😀

  • baku2313

    IPX7 feature

  • Sinthuja Sarma

    Beautiful design and I love all features.
    Thanks for this chance. I wish to win.

  • Fer Gm

    Great design, I like ipx7

  • Fantomász

    What do I like? The Elephone logo 🙂

  • Fantomász

    The Elephone logo 😉

    • BS

      it’s elephone sub-brand

  • Hamid Mehmood

    i like Heart rate monitor,

  • Sinthuja Sarma

    Beautiful design and Heart rate monitor.
    I love all features.
    Thanks for this chance. I wish to win.

  • BS

    last time l won ELEPower thunder, cant wait to use it, and l really love these guys, but getting smartband would me nice to :V

  • Acta.jr

    looks interesting 🙂

  • Albert Tagoctoc

    ✅ 0.66 inch OLED display
    ✅ 80mAh battery
    and the toughest one is the
    ✅ remote control! Damn! This is good idea!

  • Stefan Aldea

    Good looking Watch.

  • Cergey


  • Josefina Zunzunegui Garcia

    Heart rate monitor

  • Wilkson Gonçalves

    #MGCOOL Band 2

  • Qboss

    I like the most health tracker.

  • Bjørnar Berntsen

    I like the health tracker and waterproof

  • Markos

    I like the health tracker and IPX7

  • Dominic Douglas Dumadag

    Its waterproof

  • i like the design, it looks a lot better than the Xiaomi Mi Band

  • György Lerch


  • Сергей Стецура

    , I want it!

  • Amana Zickzack

    The alarm Funktion is very nice

  • Zahar Kanapatsky

    Beautiful design and Heart rate monitor. ))

  • Micha Rühle

    Good luck win the nice band

  • Hamed

    hai nice band


    great looking band, waterproof

  • Sergey P

    Beautiful design and waterproof

  • BSOD

    Standby time: 7 days

  • rhyme


  • wow amazing

  • mikeconcha23

    Beautiful device fits me

  • Saku

    I love you, Gizmochina and Shine Wong!

    Thanks for another awesome giveaway 😘

  • Mohammed

    The feature I like the most on MGCOOL Band 2 is : Remote control function: Remote Camera,Remote music

  • Haman Gunasinghe

    This is amazing…. This band is more than a watch /phone.. We can use this as a remote control… Wow…. Amazing

  • Ricardo

    cool design, resistence waterproof, remote control function, etc, etc… ALL IS AMAZING!!

  • Dan Valentin

    Health tracker and being waterproof.

  • RJ Macaldo

    The waterproof

  • wanonex

    Waterproof with heart rate monitor.

  • Jose Ramirez

    the feature that I like is the notifications

  • Jayaditya Chakrabarty

    Heart rate monitor is something I’m looking for. I have been using the Pebble Time Steel smartwatch which lacks hear rate monitor and also, it sucks in terms of battery life.

  • Kamlesh Aiyer


  • Vincent Tay


  • Jason Arreglado Signar

    Beautiful design and waterproof

  • Austin Lobo

    Love the fitness tracking features and notification capabilities.
    Looking forward to have one soon 😊

  • Uidualc Azorg

    Waterproof and wonderful design.

  • John Hulbert


  • Max Junglistic

    Thx for a shans

  • Mustafa Butt


  • Maria Teresa Fernandez Ferreir


  • Fabrizio Ferracuti

    Bluetooth and beautiful design

  • Vishal Giri

    awesome product!!

  • Eugene Yaschenko

    Waterproof and heart rate monitor

  • Serg Ospishev

    Waterproof and heart rate monitor

  • En

    Like that it’s waterproof

  • Sandra Alabama

    waterproof + heart rate monitor

  • Adebumiti Peter Adelowo

    The Mgcool Band 2 is a very attractive device with really beautiful design. It has great features at a very low price. I am delighted to find that apart from getting features like Heart rate monitor, bluetooth, Message and call reminders and remote control, the device comes with notifications for Gmail and Facebook. I think the notification feature is a great addition.

  • Alex Taskaev

    heart rate monitor and waterproof

  • Xamm

    Looks great, Nice specs.

  • Vitor Vieira

    I like the health tracker heart rate monitor,Sleep monitor.

  • Ajdin


  • Aleksandar Pavlović

    Heart rate and sleep monitor ❤️😑

  • Aleksandar Pavlović

    Beautiful design, Water resistant, Heart rate and sleep monitor ❤️😑

  • Joseph Lan

    Water proof! My previous fitness tracker band died just by taking a shower…

  • Aleksandr Chernyy

    IPX7 water resistance and multifunctionality

  • disqus_rxoZ80s2Cl


  • Amac

    A better Fitbit. I’d like to try it.

  • April Rose Abanto

    Remote control function: Remote Camera,Remote Music & Waterproof functions.

  • Alessandro Purcineli

    Remote control is one of the best features

  • Noel


  • dave bryson

    waterproof is a great feature

  • Karol

    Waterproof is obligatory and it’s no way to buy a band without waterproof!
    I like this design!

  • Michał Damski

    Water proof!

  • theponyhalf~

    I love that it’s waterproof!

  • Octávio Neiva

    Great design, heart rate monitor and sleep monitor

  • Дмитро Швець

    Beautiful design and waterproof

  • vinodh

    all the features 😍😍😍

  • Sinthuja Sarma

    Beautiful design and Heart rate monitor.
    I love all features.
    Thanks for this chance. I wish to win.

  • Blas

    The design and this is waterproof

  • Rodel Mercurio

    The following are the feature that i’d like in MGCOOL Band 2 are:
    1.)Water resistance
    2.)Bluetooth calling: Phone call reminder
    3.)Health Tracker:Motion monitoring/Heart rate monitoring/Sleeping monitoring
    4.)Remote control function: Remote Camera,Remote music
    5.)Messaging: Message reminder

  • Francisco Sanchez

    very nice Band ¡¡¡

  • Oussama YM

    Beautiful design, Water resistant, Heart rate and sleep monitor ❤️😑

  • BS

    when you guys will choose winners?

  • Carlos Estêvão

    All features of the MGCOLL band 2 are welcome!

  • demetriux123

    wow Beautiful design and waterproof

  • xupadino

    very nice Band

  • nopedo

    Has very very good price and is very nice I think to buy one

  • Filip

    Stylish design – thats convince me!

  • Simo

    Water resistant and HR, nice features for this price

  • Dalibor Pencik

    Water resistance and of course the killer Price!

  • ลุงหมี ตาแก่ขี้บ่น

    Nice design and compac

  • Adarsh Verma

    The design, waterproof & COLOR.

  • woman ft.

    Water resistant and HR, nice features for this price

  • Murilo Nascimento

    I want to buy one

  • Mohammad Rafiq

    Friends Uhans Conducting great giveaway on Black Friday promotion website where you can spin the wheel and win prizes likes Iphone 6 and many Uhans smartphnoes.
    Uhans offer upto 60% off.>>

  • Nik Aiman

    Beautiful design and waterproof

  • dangrig

    I like how it looks and it is waterproof.

  • dupa.blada

    Looks nice, and it can be free 🙂

  • LaQuincy Larry

    What’s really cool bout thus device is the sleep monitor for me…an insomniac ♡
    Thanks for the giveaway and good luck yall

  • Денис Красько

    IP rating: IPX7

  • Ahmad Imad

    I Like the sleep monitor, the notifications feature and of course IPX7

  • Yaroslav Vishnyak

    Sleep monitor feature, i want to try it.

  • NIce design and waterproof so you don’t have worry about wearing in the rain.


    The design, waterproof & COLOR.

  • Fofi Yiannis

    Beautiful design and waterproof

  • arra carrasco-odeza

    I like the fact that it has Remote control function which will enable me to remote my camera and even play music on my phone through the remote function

  • Arefin

    To me the most interesting feature is it’s IPX7 rated device. Also it looks (MG)COOL 😉

  • techi

    loved it


    I want to win this 🙂

  • Tom Shark Co.

    Awesome design 🙂

  • Leonard B. Lagang

    Cheap and waterproof

  • qurais

    well this is much better option that xiaomi mi band 2

  • Орест Дем`ян

    Beautiful design and waterproof

  • Tal Bar


  • Judy Thomas

    Love that it is waterproof.

  • Adalbert Arkosi

    Heart rate and sleep monitor, waterproof, remote control function

  • Contax Contax

    Cheap and waterproof

  • contax787

    Cheap and waterproof

  • babymharz

    I love these features — heart rate, waterproof and remote control function.

  • vasmas

    Beautiful design, Water resistant, Heart rate and sleep monitor

  • johnlong

    I love these features — heart rate, waterproof and remote control function.

  • fofo

    Beautiful design, Water resistant, Heart rate and sleep monitor

  • Dmitriy Sukhanov

    waterproof and design

  • roumianastefanovahelfrich

    The design

  • johnlong

    waterproof and design

  • Ricardo

    who won please?

  • groza emil claudiu

    gizmochina, how can i get this gift?