Huawei’s Honor Magic Phone Will Be Expensive Says Analyst

by Habeeb Onawole 3

Huawei announced yesterday that its Honor Magic concept phone is scheduled to launch next week Friday, 16th of December. The phone is said to bring new innovative features and a design that will probably disrupt the mobile phone world. It will however come with a price, and a heavy one at that, literally speaking.

According to analyst, Pan Jiutang, the Honor Magic is going to be pretty expensive. He mentioned it in a Weibo post where he stated other features of the phone like it being small and having a good grip; and the specs not being mind-blowing probably due to the fact that it has been in the works for a while. So we should expect a phone with specifications that are already available in the market.

Honor Magic Weibo

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To sum it up, the Honor Magic is a phone that doesn’t go beyond the 5.5-inch size, probably has specs found in last year’s flagships, and still pretty expensive. Even with the cons, the Honor Magic will definitely be sold-out in a short while. As long as they get the design right and it has a couple of tricks up its sleeve, it still sounds like a winner to me.