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Doogee Y6 Review – A Decent $100 Phone

by Linus 10

Doogee is a well-known cheap smartphones’ manufacturer that produces devices for quite a bit of time. The Doogee Y6 is a phone that has great looks, decent specs and it costs just $100. This is Linus, learn more in the full review.

Thanks to for sending the Doogee Y6 for a review.

Doogee Y6 Review: VIDEO REVIEW

Doogee Y6 Review: UNBOXING

p1050200 p1050201

The phone ships with all the usual stuff and some extras include a screen protector and a soft TPU case.

Doogee Y6 Review: DESIGN and DISPLAY


When it comes to the design, the Doogee Y6 looks very similar to the Huawei P7 Lite, in my opinion.


Nevertheless, the phone is well-built and it uses a metal backplate to give a bit of a premium look and feel. The frame and the buttons, however, are made of plastic.


We have a 5.5” display, which has only 720p resolution but it is plenty sharp for everyday use.

20161210_104908 20161210_104901

Also, there is a 8MP camera above the display but we don’t have neither LED notification light nor backlit capacitive keys.


On the back, we have a 13MP camera with a dual-LED flash and a fingerprint scanner, which is not the fastest I’ve seen but it gets the job done.


The loudspeaker is pretty good for the class of the phone.



Doogee Y6 ships with an octa-core MTK6750 chip (1.5GHz) , 2GB of RAM and 16GB of expandable storage.

The gaming performance is good but not great. The phone can handle the games like Asphalt 8 on medium graphics very well but once you set the graphics to max., you should expect some skipped frames.

Doogee Y6 Review: BENCHMARKS

Doogee Y6 Review: USER INTERFACE

The phone ships with the Android 6.0 but we have quite a few added features by Doogee.

Just to name a few, you can select from a variety of gesture and motion controls that work pretty well. Also, you can use a floating gesture control bar if you wish. In addition, you can use a one-hand mode that is really convenient in some situations.


In general, the UI performance is good. I didn’t have lags or stutter on the daily basis.

Doogee Y6 Review: IMAGE QUALITY

When it comes to the image quality, you can get some decent-looking photos out of this phone but you can’t expect a lot from a cheap phone. The biggest complaints would be the lack of sharpness and quite a bit of noise even in daylight situations.

As usual, the image quality decreases in low light.

Selfies could look a lot sharper and have more detail.

The video quality is mediocre as on most of the cheap phones.

Download full resolution camera samples

Doogee Y6 Review: CONNECTIVITY


I didn’t have any major connectivity issues except for the fact that once the GPS was pretty slow to get the position lock.

Doogee Y6 Review:  BATTERY LIFE


The phone ships with the 3200mAh battery that performs pretty well for its capacity. You should expect about 5 hours of screen-on time but the results may vary, depending on the usage.

Doogee Y6 Review: CONCLUSIONS


Doogee Y6 is a pretty good sub-$100 phone but as usual to cheap devices, it is not perfect.

It has a nice design and it sits nicely in the hand, decent specifications assure a pretty good gaming and user interface performance and the device has a nice display.


However, you have to know that there is no LED notification light, the capacitive buttons are not backlit. Also, it would have been nice to see the metal frame and metal buttons.


At the end of the day, Doogee Y6 is a decent offering for the price but as always, it has some shortcomings that most of the cheap phones have.


Doogee Y6 is a decent offering for the price but as always, it has some shortcomings that most of the cheap phones have.

Design and Build
User Interface
Battery Life
3D Gaming Performance
Value for Money
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  • Muhammad Yasir


    its terrible and it gets 4/5 (that’s a SOLID 80% , exactly how good is it ?! )

    • balcobomber25

      I am guessing he is rating it compared to other $100 phones.

  • balcobomber25

    2013 called they want their lower bezels back.

  • Steve B

    My AVG just blocked your image sample download file as the page or file included Fake Video Player.
    “FPV is a malicious code present on fraudulent websites or illegally injected on legitimate but hacked websites without the knowledge of the administrator. The intention behind these code injections is to detect and exploit vulnerabilities on applications installed on your computer to install malicious and unwanted software that compromise the security of all data on the affected PC.”

  • Steve B

    I’m pretty happy with the results from the camera on this phone. I found dialing down some of the default settings i.e. brightness & contrast, a notch helped a lot. I actually find it more consistent in low light conditions than bright light where it’s obviously missing an extra coating.

    I don’t mind the noise so much, it results in detailed images with some very large file sizes, up to 12mb – a lot of info in there. The opposite would be to apply smoothing, as most do, which creates water colours when viewed up large.

    I also find weirdly that the front camera goes to 13mp rather than the advertised 8mp (interpolated from 5mp). I was very happy with the front camera too.

    I only paid $88 for mine on pre-sale offer.

    Samples reduced to this site threshold below 5mb.

    • kare

      Don’t buy doogee mobile…it’s waste mobile as over heating and sound quality.

  • Nilzie

    terrible camera.. are the outdoor shots hdr

  • Rockitfellow

    I saw a new Chinese mobile phone brand Cagabi on facebook, anyone konw it?

    • Ruby Ruby

      I’ve heard of this brand. It is a newcomer. And they will release a $50 smartphone with 2G RAM+16G ROM,5” IPS Screen, 8MP+5MP camera….That’s all I know.

  • sarika

    friends, i want to buy big battery phone Gretel GT6000 because this is fit in my budget, at this time this is available only in $95 and come with 1gb ram, 5.5 HD display, 6600mAh battery so suggest me this is good for me?