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Xiaomi Launches 1,999 Yuan ($239) Smart Electric Motor Scooter

by Jed John 21

Xiaomi has taken the wraps off its latest product which it teased last weekend as launching today. The product was thought to be an electric car but turns out the product is an electric motor scooter that is capable of traveling up to a distance of 30km before its battery dies. As is customary with Xiaomi products, the Xiaomi electric motor scooter comes cheap with a price tag of 1,999 Yuan ($239). The price is even cheaper than the $455 foldable electric bicycle that was launched not too long ago.

Xiaomi Electric Motor Scooter


The Xiaomi electric motor scooter comes with a minimalistic geometric design with an aircraft-grade aluminum body. The motor scooter weighs just 12.5kg despite packing an LG 18650 high security Lithium battery with 280Wh power which powers it. The device is portable and also foldable and can be coupled in just one minute.

Xiaomi Electric Motor Scooter

Taking a look at the features, the electric motor scooter comes with the front and rear wheels equipped with E-ABS (electronic anti-lock braking system) and the scooter has dual disc brake system which allows it to quickly come to a stop within a distance of 4 meters. The brakes also are efficient in addition to the quick response capability.

Xiaomi Electric Motor Scooter

Further, the electric scooter has a set of four LED indicators which tells the amount of battery power remaining. There is also an smart BMS battery management system onboard which can monitor the health status of each battery cell in real time and relay the information to the motor scooter’s main control system. The main control system can be synchronized with a mobile phone via an app such that the battery health can be viewed on the mobile. Where there is a problem, there are reminders so as to ensure safe driving.

Xiaomi Electric Motor Scooter

As stated earlier, the Xiaomi electric motor scooter will go on sale on December 15 at 10.00am via Mi mall, Mi Home, Xiaomi store, Lynx and Jingdong mall.

Xiaomi Electric Motor ScooterXiaomi Electric Motor Scooter

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  • Muhammad Yasir

    so… how do i practically use this ?!

    i thought we were talking about a mini bike or SOMETHING ACTUALLY USEFUL !

    I CANT RIDE THIS ON THE DAMN ROADS ! The truck drivers will run me flat here !

    • NextHype

      Yasir, that’s pretty useful for urban life. Move to a city center if you wanna enjoy electric scooter, insane levels of pollution and sullen citizens.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        i AM in a city ! where did u think i was ?! i live in a posh Urban city ! (google Karachi !)

        if i want to go from home to uni (its a 50 min drive atleast by bus and has roads and flyovers and bridges in the way) i can’t use this scooter ?

        • NextHype

          My bad. Ask bicycle path to your mayor ^^

    • goodwill

      It’s not meant for roads,Yasir. It’s meant to be on the pavement or rather a sidewalk. haha. City life has many usage for it and the fact that it’s foldable, you can carry it with you on the subway and bus. Pretty useful.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        exactly .. i AM in a City (Karachi , you can google to know more about it)

        so , if i want to go to home to uni , which has alot of roads , flyovers and other terrain , i can’t use it ? i just use it to… say , go from home to bus stop ?

        • Hakim Farouk

          Idk. I cant really comment on the road conditions in karachi but where I am, you can easily swirl around the city center in a scooter and hop on the bus or subway home with the scoot if you live outside of the city. Probably won’t be as user friendly in countries like pakistan tho.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            hahaha !
            its not as bad as you think … but i think it won’t be safe on high speed roads !

            also the university is like 40-60 KMs away … so it’ll power off midway !

          • goodwill

            Yasir, this is not a vespa. it’s not those motorcycle scooters. These kind of scooters are not suppose to be used on high speed roads or to travel as far as 40KM. The fact that you think those, says that you do not know the usage of these kinda scooters. People use this to go to the nearby convenient shop or go around the park, maybe campus grounds or swirling around the city centre. Get what i mean? These doesnt have plate numbers or requires a license to operate. Kids can use this to go to school and etc.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            ok ok ! i get it .

            don’t be such a sore ass !

            it’ll be useful to travel in my campus then but too bad i can’t buy it

          • goodwill

            How is me explaining the usage of the tech to one who does not know the usage of it, being a sore ass tho? Since you’re still in uni, Yasir, let me tell you that I’m much older than you. Try to mind your words abit.. specially when someone is giving a friendly explaination

          • Muhammad Yasir

            you sounded like you were irritated …
            sorry , i must have misinterpreted your description

            how old are u btw ? and what do u do ?

          • goodwill

            I wasn’t. I was just trying to explain. Cause when you said high speed road, I was like, ok it’s time to explain in details to Yasir. haha. There’s an official video of the xiaomi scooter where you can see how it’s being used tho. Try youtubing mijia scooter, It’s the 1st video.

            I’m 30. I own a cold pressed juicery that sells cold pressed juices and premium herbal teas in Kuala Lumpur. I thought you knew?

          • Muhammad Yasir

            sorry man. i was tired af , just came home a couple of hours back

            i’m probably low on battery and a bit depressed and nervous too. pardon my stupid behavior…

            and please do NOT stop doing this ;
            “ok it’s time to explain in details to Yasir. haha.”

            i find your explanations very entertaining !

            nope , first time i’m hearing about your profession and age.
            God willing , might visit malaysia someday , where do i find your juicery ?

          • goodwill

            It’s only sold domestically of course. but just look it up on fb or instagram, melur cold pressed. Social media is pretty much dead tho. I don’t have a staff specifically to handle it.

            It’s alright. Everyone has bad and good days, Did you get yourself a phone, Yazir? btw, you know I’m Hakim Farouk right? I just got the oneplus 3 yesterday. No longer using Le Max 2

          • Muhammad Yasir

            ofc its locally sold ! i wouldn’t expect you to ship to Pakistan :p !
            no staff ? so you handle the juicery ALL by yourself ?!

            if i visit kuala lumpur , i’ll visit melur for sure 😀

            i;m looking at Xiaomi RN4 or RN3 pro or Redmi4 or Redmi 4 prime , they’ll be coming in Pakistan later this month. will see which one is aptly priced before buying.

            wow , OP3 . that’s a real powerhouse. it has a killer cam i hear !

            P.S : i might have forgotten you are Hakim Farouk. i do recall someone banned you from disqus on one of the websites , so you made this account to comment on the site.

          • goodwill

            Of course I have staffs. What i was trying to say was I do not have a staff that handles social media stuff specifically, as in, a specific staff hired just to do social media. haha.

            Yeah, the cam is pretty good. I bought it cause I’m flying to korea soon and I sort of wanted something new with a good camera. haha. Oneplus 3 has a reasonable price, so, why not.

            Yeah, Gizchina for exposing some fake elephoneys. haha. I’m probably already unbanned but since I’m already logged into my disqus with google.

            I’d advise you to get RN3 PRO tho. the custom support for that phone is really good. I bought a Mi Max recently that shares the same chipset and the devs over at XDA for RN3 PRO (Kenzo) made roms for Mi Max too. There’s Nougats based roms as well. It’s pretty cheap now.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            many are shaming the RN3 for the WORST cam . my topmost requirement is a GOOD camera…

            are you sure on the RN3 pro ?

          • goodwill

            I had no complains with My Mi Max. They share the same camera sensors too. Maybe, you can go to RN3 PRO XDA forum and see what have they been talking about. Useful to get feedback from RN3 PRO users there

  • Cosmin Musat

    1990 Yuan = 287 dollars, not 239 dollars how you said

  • Bility

    Will it become available on resellers? I want one