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Did Huawei Cut Corners on The Huawei P10′ Storage? Benchmark Results Shows They Did

by Habeeb Onawole 10

The Huawei P10 and Huawei P10 Plus were announced during MWC 2017. Reviews for the new flagships have been positive so far. The cameras are better, they have a more powerful processor, and  feature an impressive new design. But did the Chinese manufacturer cut corners on the Huawei P10′ storage? New revelations seem to confirm they did.

Huawei P10

The Huawei P10 is available in various memory options depending on the market. It turns out that the storage sizes are not the only differences between these variants but also the storage type.

A number of Huawei P10 owners in China have noticed that the various storage versions have different read and write speeds and the differences are startling. Using storage benchmarking app, Androbench 5.0, it was discovered that some versions are way faster than others. While some people recorded read speeds of over 700MBps, some recorded above 500MBps, others a little over 400MBps, and yet some less than 300MBps. The results were posted on a Huawei forum in China.

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The different speeds all fall into various categories. For those over 700MBps, they are definitely UFS 2.1 storage; those above 500MBps are UFS 2.0; and those less than 300 use an eMMC 5.1 storage.

For a phone that starts at over $500 it is disappointing to discover the Huawei P10′ storage versions differs so much. Huawei has not made any comments about the findings yet but we are eager to hear them provide an explanation.



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  • Z

    Apple has been doing it for years….

    • Tangram

      lol what, go buy some androcrap please <3

      • balcobomber25

        Says the guy who is one a website dedicated to Android….

      • one Guy

        Apple died with steve jobs, the rotten apples stink .

  • balcobomber25

    This isn’t that uncommon and it happens more often than people realize with brands such as Huawei, Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi. These companies are buying tens of millions of storage devices they can only get so many of certain types. Most users never even notice the difference. It doesn’t just happen with storage either, companies will often use multiple different camera sensors and never tell the consumer.

    • Dorian_at_ATT

      I think you’re confused. Samsung uses their own UFS NAND. I have never seem such performance disparities between the same model with Samsung. Apple will at least try to bring them within ballpark numbers if they have two NAND suppliers. To have one P10 get ~280MB/s and another get almost 800MB/s… that’s a MASSIVE performance gulf.

      • fonix232

        It is indeed, but it is also highly likely that they could only source the certain size chip in a certain format (i.e. eMMC 5.1 instead of UFS 2.x). And some people might’ve said “eh, fuck it, let’s use that”. Or they had some parts in stock from EOL devices, which again need to be re-purposed, and, well, you see the results…

      • balcobomber25

        I think you’re confused. Samsung uses their own and others, just like with camera sensors the use their own and Sony’s. Samsung produces too many phones to only use their own components. Samsung uses multiple suppliers for just every component in their phones, they even buy some displays from LG. You may have never seen such disparities but that it is because you only had one phone. Other reports on various forums have seen them. It happens with every company because demand far outweighs supply.

  • As long as the EU 128GB version is not a factor, I don’t really give a darn. 😛

  • Bramborovy Salat

    well, I was on the fence for P10 and now I’m off the fence 🙂 thanks. To charge as much as primary flagship phones and screw up the lack of glass coating and now performance gaps between models…is a show stopper for me.