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Elephone S8 Looks Stunning In Elegant Red (Photos)

by Jed John 10

Since Samsung launched the Galaxy S8 earlier this year, we have seen quite a number of S8s and chances are that we will still see more smartphones with the S8 suffix in the days ahead. The Elephone S8 is one of the full-screen models that are looking to leverage on the success of the Galaxy S8. The device features a tri-bezel-less, full-screen design with an 18:9 aspect ratio and is available in Black and Blue colours before now but Elephone has added a cool red variant. Elephone S8

The first sight of a smartphone is the appearance which is an indication that appearance is very important for a smartphone. Now, besides the Blue and Black version, Elephone has now released the engineering prototype of the red version. The red variant of the Elephone S8 got us attracted at first sight. Red is always an attractive colour and in this case, its amazing red crystal appearance shines like a ruby.

Elephone disclosed that this red version of the  S8 doesn’t come easy as their designers and engineers spent 4 months on debugging and deciding on which shade of red would best suit the elegant design of the phone. Finally, they were able to get the shade of red that is deemed to be best suited for the S8 and the color variant is the best of the trio. That is why it is coming a bit later than the black and blue version.Elephone S8

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As a reminder, the Elephone S8 sports the Helio X25 SoC along with 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage. In addition, the killer feature is its 6-inch 2560×1440 display that has no bezels. Usually, this kind of devices have a weak spot and it usually is the relatively small battery capacity. Thankfully, Elephone equipped the S8 with a 4000mAh battery that allows for excellent battery performance. Also, the main camera has a large 21MP sensor while there is an 8MP on the front. Lastly, it comes with the latest Android 7.1.1 out of the box.

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  • Seb


    • princetom

      Gizmochina = advertising with crap proof reader (if there is any)

      • Wolvie

        LOL, you will notice those poster who praised elephoney are all paid fake posters.
        I was wondering with those low quality products and lousy support for both hardware and software, how come this brand can survive for so long ????

        • Bovie

          I think the pics are real.

  • Eric

    Hold up, a screen resolution of 250×1440?

  • apflac

    The first sight of a smartphone is the appearance which is an indication that appearance is very important for a smartphone

  • nolimitsdesigns

    Loving the colour, hating the S8 name. It’s the same gripe as with the Mix/Mix 2 name that’s flying around too. It’s unnecessary, especially since Elephone have an S line already – although they’ve done the same with the S7 too. They had an S3 and could’ve easily carried on with either the S4 or S5 if they – like some companies – avoid 4. Making this the S6. Companies really do need to act on their own if they want to be classed as anything other than cloners.

    • missKelyLaley

      Yep…Too many “S8” now…

  • Maykol Claus

    OMG, the red one is amazing! LOL, I already ordered the blue one….Will this released soon? I feel a little bit regret now, would like to buy the red one, it’s really nice color!

    • Geekinthepink

      Haha, you should ask them to change the color for you maybe