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Honor V10 Launched: 5.99-inch 18:9 Screen, Front Fingerprint Sensor, Kirin 970 Chip & More

by Jed John 13

Huawei’s elite Honor brand has gone official with the Honor V10 in a ceremony held in China today. The Honor V10 has been a regular on leaks and rumours and most of the rumours turned out to be correct. For one, the device utilizes a fullscreen design and is powered by the latest Kirin 970 chip. Let’s take a look at the design and specifications of the Honor V10.Honor V10

Design & Specifications

The Honor V10 features a 5.99-inch FHD+ display with a resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels. This gives the device an 18:9 aspect ratio. As you would expect, the device packs a metal body crafted using modern Korean technology and it has a width of 74.98mm. The V10 also features an ultra-slim body which is just 6.97mm thick. The most spectacular aspect of the Honor V10’s full-screen design is that it also features a front-mounted fingerprint sensor which also doubles as the home button.Honor V10

As stated, the V10 is powered by a Kirin 970 chip which has a built-in Neural Processing Unit (NPU). The phone is said to have a visual, auditory, learning, cognitive, computing, and decision-making ability. It also has the ability to identify up to 33 images per second and brings 25 times performance improvement when compared to the previous generation chip. The new chip brings on several other features to the smartphone which we’ll not go into. You can read up our article on the Kirin 970 chip.Honor V10

Furthermore, the smartphone is available in up to three memory variants. There is a 4GB RAM + 64GB storage version, as well as a 6GB RAM + 64GB version and finally a top-end 6GB RAM + 128GB storage version. The camera aspect is piloted by a 20Mp + 16MP dual camera setup at the rear while selfies are taken care of by a 13MP shooter with AI features. Another cool feature is that the smartphone runs Android-Oreo-based EMUI 8.0 from the go. It also packs a 3750mAh battery with 5V/4.5A super fast charge. It comes with dual SIM slots and both slots are 4G VoLTE enabled.

Honor V10

Prices & Availability

The Honor V10 comes in Magic Black, Aurora Blue, Beach Gold and Charm Red colour variant. As for the prices, the 4GB + 64GB variant will sell for 2699 Yuan (~$409). The price goes up to 2,999 Yuan (~$454) for the 6GB + 64GB version while the 6GB + 128GB version carries a 3,499 Yuan (~$530) price tag. The prices are quite competitive and so, we’d predict a good outing for this sleek model. Reservations for the smartphone has already commenced while it will go on sale on December 5 at 10.08 via Huawei Mall, Jingdong, Lynx, Suning Tesco and Gome.

Honor V10

honor v10

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  • Is it an OLED like the Mate 10 pro or an LCD like the Mate 10?

    • Billy Williams

      considering the specs, price and design, its probably LCD. Which according to most was the better display between the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro. I can never understand why Huawei releases these phones for half the price of the flagship with all the Its hard to hold out for the P11 Pro when this phone is so competitively priced.

      • @Stiven_l:disqus thanks, I was checking during the live stream and right after but the Vmall site wasn’t updated at that point (i’m just too impatient I guess) It is now listed as IPS LCD.
        @disqus_GA0PmZktLB:disqus correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the Mate 10’s screen well received because it has quad-HD vs FHD+ of the OLED? Also I’m under the assumption that Samsung OMOLED is the best screen tech on the market which the One Plus 5t is using?
        I’m debating which one to buy between the Honor v10 and OnePlus 5t, leaning towards the V10 because I’m curious about the AI capabilities, and I’m not happy about OnePlus still using micro usb.

        • Billy Williams

          The Mate 10’s Oled screen is made by Samsung but they also should be switching to a new local Chinese manufacturer soon. But the quality is probably as low as you can get and still be called OLED. The screen is only getting something like 400PPI on the Pro while the regular Mate 10 is pushing near 500 PPI. The Mate 10 just has a more vibrant and punchy screen when compared to the OLED Mate Pro.

          Also if I had to choose between the V10 and the OP5T, I don’t know how you could even consider not going with the OP5T. Its too good of a phone. And if I’m honest, if you’ve never used Dash Charge, then you’re in for a treat. It is easily the best charging system on the market. I cannot see how MicroUSB would be a legitimate reason to not buy the phone when its one of the fastest charging phones with or without it. Also, the community behind OP5T makes for more creativity in the ROM’s and software development. Plus, more importantly, you can use Google apps. This means quite a bit. The Pixel 2’s custom google apps have been ported to other SND835 phones, you also have access to some of the features that should be released in Oreo 8.1 soon. The A.I. system from Huawei isn’t enough to warrant buying it over the OP5T. Just because the phone knows its looking at a cat, doesn’t make it actually smarter. And to be fair, SND 835 has had an A.I. chip on it as well, it just didn’t advertise it because its a featureless feature. Its only as good as the developer allows it to be. I would say, that you should also save up and get the LG V30. Hands down my surprise phone of the year. It does everything (except selfies) better than or as well as all the other phones this year.

      • TheOracle

        I’ve been waiting to see what this phone had to offer and it ticks all the boxes except size. That 18:9 aspect ratio is a deal breaker for me because it makes it about 7mm taller than the Mi Mix 2 and Mate 10. I have big hands and 157mm is just too tall. The search continues but the Mix 2 looks to be the best bet for me right now.

        • Billy Williams

          everyone has their deal breakers. I think the design of the Mix 2 is actually a step DOWN from last years Mix, but the fit and finish of the phone is much improved. Actually having an ear piece is huge for call quality, having a camera that isn’t completely trash (its still garbage though) is a step in the right direction, putting a buffer between the Ceramic and glass will also go a LONG way towards increasing the durability of this phone as well.

          That said, I really don’t think 7 millimeters is going to be a deal breaker. Especially considering that 7 mm is bezel…not screen. You’re not actually going to be reaching up to it. There are a lot of legitimate reasons to pass on great phones…this isn’t one of them. The screen being half the length of your fingernail…isn’t a reason to pass on a phone. However something like having useless cameras on top of top tier hardware (Mi Mix 2, Razer Phone) is a perfectly legitimate reason to pass on a phone especially if you actually take pictures often. Just something to think on.

          • TheOracle

            Good points but…… I have a 150mm Redmi Note 3 with a 5.5″ screen and with my large hands even I find it uncomfortable to use one handed. Therefore another 7mm of screen as you say would make it worse. The Mate 10 and Mix 2 have a 5.99″ screen in a 150mm body so there’s a significant difference.

            I don’t care about the camera on my phones and the fact that I also have a P10 with an excellent camera makes that choice easier. Since I currently own a Xiaomi and a Huawei and like both that 7mm is a deal breaker. The Mate 10 is too expensive, the V10 is too tall and the Mix 2 has a meh camera. But of the three the Mix 2 is definitely the best looking and still unique.

          • Billy Williams

            The Redmi Note has a traditional aspect ratio so its a bit wider, as opposed to narrow. The 2:1 aspect ratio sacrifices width for height making the grip more comfortable allowing you to reach higher in the screen.

            Also, keep in mind a couple of things, the position of the bezel does matter. I have a couple dozen phone but imagine the P10, the hand position you use for it is what allows you to cover the entire screen one handed. If the phone has smaller/no bezel at the top and a larger bezel at the bottom (like the Mi Mix) you hand position will be moved up to compensate for the area that isn’t touchable screen. By having equal bezel on top and bottom (both reduced) it allows you to have a neutral hand position that is extremely comfortable allowing you to reach from top to bottom without having to readjust your grip. I still use my Mi Mix 2 from time to time, but the thing I noticed about it, is that the hand position you have to take to hold it forces your hand to be higher than you would like, you can still reach top to bottom but the phone becomes bottom heavy due to hand positioning.

            I can promise you that there isn’t really a big deal with the size of these phones. They are taller but narrower, you will be able to easily cover the screen.

          • TheOracle

            Thanks for all the invaluable real world user information but I also have a confession to make. I’m seriously looking at buying a Zuk Edge instead because of the current price (approx $300 now) and again, the size of 143mm for a 5.5″ screen. All that for what was an overlooked bezel-less flagship when it was released in January. I used to own a Lenovo K910 Vibe Z and loved it so I’m used to the software. Any thoughts or advice?

          • Billy Williams

            The Zuk Edge is a great phone, definitely overlooked for this year. I would offer as a suggestion the Nubia Z11 (or Z17 if you want to go into the $500 range) Absolutely beautiful phones as well. I would also suggest, if you can find it, the Axon 7. Its easily the best possible phone on the market for the price. Its below $200 and its got flagship specs(SND 820) plus amazing audio. Of course you could also throw the Sony XA1 and OnePlus 3T, into the mix. But if I’m honest, I think staying with the P10 or moving to the P10 plus is the way to go. I don’t think it a phone that is going to be outdated anytime soon, especially since its getting oreo.

          • TheOracle

            I’m definitely keeping the P10. It’s the Note 3 that’s going. In fact the Zuk Edge is also going to be updated to Oreo so that’s a plus. I used to have the Nubia Z7 Max and it was indeed a superb phone too. The Axon 7 and Opo 3T are very good but as you can tell I’m looking for the smallest form factor with the biggest (5.5″ plus) screen. Right now the Zuk is a bargain and a very nice looking phone.

    • Stiven

      It is lcd, as it says on vmall.

  • Muhammad Yasir