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OnePlus 6 Could Release Early In 2018, Underglass Fingerprint Sensor Expected

by Joe 5

OnePlus ‘ 5T launch in November wasn’t a surprise given that the company did the same last year. However, the phone could be one of the shortest flagships launched recently as our source has given us a few details about the upcoming OnePlus 6 flagship. While some might say that it is too early to call this phone as upcoming, our source reveals that OnePlus is planning to launch the OnePlus 6 as early as March of 2018. The launch is said to be sometime in the middle of March, with the phone becoming available by the end of the month.

oneplus 5T

As for the specs, our source reveals that the OnePlus 6 will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. This isn’t surprising given that Oneplus flagships are known to come with the latest flagship chips from Qualcomm. However, our source further adds that the phone will feature an underglass fingerprint sensor. The current OnePlus 5T features the fingerprint sensor on the back, which isn’t really an ideal position. Many prefer the sensor on the front and an underglass fingerprint sensor would make things easier as it can easily be installed on the front without having the sacrifice the full-screen design.

It might be too early to say that the above information is going to be 100% true, but it is worth mentioning that our source has been right about OnePlus flagships before. We revealed details of the OnePlus 5T smartphone way before anyone else and we are pretty confident that the above information is also solid.


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  • Billy Williams

    You forgot to mention the obvious stuff. That Vivo/Oppo/OnePlus are all the same company and as such, the company that makes the underglass finger print scanner technology has announced that it will partner with these companies for the first phones to include this feature. As such, its expected that the OP6 will have this feature, if Vivo and Oppo end up with it as well. The One Plus lineup doesn’t innovate or do anything new compared to what Vivo/Oppo does, they use the same materials and design as well as optics. They just have their own skin for Android and tend to run on the flagship chipset.

    • nejihiashi88

      ok what is the problem with that it is like a new brand within a company, like gm motors for example have chevrolet and gmc and Cadillac , with gmc and chevrolet have the same shit with different smell.

      • Billy Williams

        Well that’s fair, but it wasn’t really the point of what I was trying to say. BBK, the company that owns Oppo/Vivo/OP is one of the biggest phone companies in the world Rivaling Apple and Samsung…that’s not really up for question. The quality of their product is also not up for question as they have continuously produced top tier products. The only point I was making was that OnePlus will have the finger printer scanner BECAUSE they are a subsidiary of Oppo. OnePlus does not innovate anything in the industry, they only release products to the rest of the world that the West has been privy too for a long time. Hell, all you have to do is look at the OP5 and look at the Oppo R11..its literally the same phone running a differently skinned OS.

  • Needs Verizon and SD card support.

  • rohith

    is there any expectations about water resistant feature in one plus 6??