Blackview A10 Is Up For Grabs For Only $88.99 On Cafago [Coupon Code]

by Vinay Patel 0

Blackview A10 smartphone sports a carefully-carved design, which is integrated to create a thin fuselage and an elegant feeling in user’s hand. This makes the shell on the back even more integrated.

Cafago is currently offering a 23% discount on the A10’s original selling price of $130.39. This brings the phone’s $$130.39 asking price down to $101.69. By shelling out just $101.69, you get a smartphone that’s brimming with amazing specs and features.

First off, the A10 offers 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. The phone also offers fast multi-task processing and is crammed with multiple apps. Moreover, it features the flagship grade of rear-mounted photograph fingerprint identification.

But if that doesn’t seem good enough, you can use coupon code ‘JPZ0185’ and save $32.02 more before checking out. After applying the aforesaid coupon code, you end up paying just $ 88.99 for Blackview A10 smartphone. Head straight to this link to take advantage of the promo on Cafago before it comes to an end.