Meizu Teases M6s’ Cortex A-73 Processor & Navigation Buttons, Begins Pre-order Registrations

by Habeeb Onawole 1

With only a few days left to the launch of the M6s, Meizu has been releasing teasers of the upcoming device daily. The teasers not only count down to the official launch but also tease one of the specs.

Meizu M6s Cortex-A73 Processor

The teaser for yesterday focuses on the processor. In the image, Meizu reveals that the chipset will have ARM’s Cortex-A73 cores. The A73 was announced back in 2016. It offers a variety of performance and power saving improvements over the Cortex-A72.

For instance, the Cortex-A73 has about 10 to 15% performance increase alongside a 20% reduction in power consumption if it is built using the same node as the Cortex-A72.

If it is built on a smaller node such as the 10nm process, it provides a 30% increase in performance and a 30% reduction in power consumption. The Exynos 7872 hexa-core SoC which will power the Meizu M6s is built using the 14nm node process. While it won’t provide up to 30% increase in performance and power savings, it will at least not be lower than 15%.

Meizu M6s mBack button

On the other hand, the teaser for today teases the new navigational buttons for the Meizu M6s. The phone will ditch its physical mBack button for on-screen ones. Despite that, there are reports that there will be an option to activate a virtual mBack button that works just like the physical one.

Meizu M6s Registration

To sum it up, Meizu has also began registrations for the phone on its official website. It is not unexpected that pricing and specification details are missing on the page.

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Anyway, if you plan to grab a unit, head to the registration page and register. The Meizu M6s will be sold on the official online store, Suning,, and Lynx.

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