Snapdragon 670 Has Almost The Same GPU Performance As Snapdragon 820 According To Geekbench

by Michele Ingelido 1

Snapdragon 670 will probably be the most powerful midrange SoC released by Qualcomm in 2018. After an initial sighting on Geekbench, the processor has been spotted in the RenderScript project which revealed its GPU performances. The results of the benchmark test are outstanding: the Adreno 620 GPU has scored 6404 points. It is very close to the results obtained by Snapdragon 820, the Qualcomm flagship SoC from 2016.

Even though numbers are not everything and a test like this does not evaluate the real graphics performances of the SoC, this result is still very encouraging. In terms of graphics performances, Snapdragon 670 also seems an important improvement over the Snapdragon 660: just consider that Xiaomi Mi Note 3 has scored 5483 points in the same RenderScript test. The SoC has already been spotted on Geekbench previously and its specs have leaked multiple times.

snapdragon 670

Rumors say, SD670 will be composed of 4x Kryo 360 custom cores and 4x Kryo 385 custom cores which will have max frequencies of 2Ghz and 1.6 GHz respectively. Besides the Adreno 620 GPU, it will sport a Snapdragon X16 Cat. 16 LTE modem. The modem will be able to reach a Gigabit-speed in download and 150 Mbps in upload. On Geekbench, Snapdragon 670 has scored 1863 points in single-core CPU performances and 5256 points in multi-core performances. Considering the specs, we should see this SoC in some of the best upper mid-range smartphones of 2018.

Do you think Qualcomm is going to kill MediaTek in the mid-range segment just like it did in the flagship one?