Huawei’s “48% in 5 Minutes” Fast Charging Technology May Be Officially Unveiled At MWC 2018

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Back in November 2015, Huawei’s Watt Lab demoed a new fast charging technology at the 56th Battery Symposium. The charging technology let you recharge a lithium-ion battery up to 50% in just 5 minutes.

Huawei Fast Charge

A video demonstration showed a 3000mAh battery removed from a phone and inserted into this humongous charger. After five minutes, the battery was put back in the phone and was already at 48%!!!

Yesterday, Huawei uploaded the video on YouTube advertising its charging technology which is 10 times faster than current charging time.

There are reports that Huawei may be planning to showcase the fast charging technology at MWC 2018. After two years, we say it’s right about time. We hope Huawei has found a way to make the charger much more smaller.

Huawei explains that the fast charging technology doesn’t affect battery life. However, there is a catch. This probably won’t work with the batteries currently in our devices.

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In Huawei’s explanation, the molecular structure of anode materials is changed with both physical and chemical lithium-ion storage capability. This results in a high charging efficiency that doesn’t affect battery life.

So this fast charging technology is more of the battery being different from regular ones.