Xiaomi Teases New Headphones Coming Soon

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Xiaomi, like most other manufacturers these days doesn’t ship its phones with earphones. However, the company does manufacture earphones and headphones that buyers can purchase.

Xiaomi Mi Headphones

It appears Xiaomi may be planning to launch a new pair of headphones soon based on a tweet earlier today. The tweet doesn’t reveal anything about the new accessory but includes a photo of its first over-the-ear headphones. So what we may be getting may be a successor to this.

The Mi Headphones was released back in 2015, so a successor is long overdue. The hi-res headphones are priced at ¥499 (~$79) leading us to presume the upcoming one will be priced in the same range.

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Xiaomi’s headphones production is handled by 1More – one of its partner companies, and the upcoming one will most probably be made by them too.