Buy EleLight Anet E10 Desktop 3D Printer For Just $343.99 On Amazon [Coupon Code]

by Vinay Patel 0

You can now buy EleLight Anet E10 Desktop 3D Printer for just $369.88 on Amazon for a limited period of time. Let’s check out the details.

Manufactured by EleLight, the Anet E10 DIY Kit sports a 12864 LCD screen and keypad in order to facilitate offline use. Moreover, it supports TF card off-line printing, which comes in handy especially when you don’t have access to a computer.

The mini desktop 3D printer boasts a compact desktop design, along with a small footprint and basic, open frame design which is ample for any desks. On top of that, DIY customers can assemble the Anet E10 DIY Kit without breaking much of a sweat.

In addition to getting a considerable 7% reduction on the 3D printer’s original selling on Amazon, you can use coupon code ‘RRWQMJ23’ at the time of checking out on the site to get an additional discount. Your grand total drops to only $343.99 after using the aforesaid coupon code.

You can click here to check out the full specification of EleLight Anet E10 Desktop 3D Printer DIY Kit and take advantage of the promo before it comes to an end. It’s also worth noting that the coupon code will expire soon.