Xiaomi Launches 6-Port 60W Charger For ¥129 ($20)

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Carrying multiple chargers for your gadgets should be a thing of the past with the plethora of multi-port chargers in the market. If you still haven’t found the one that suits you best, you may want to take a look at Xiaomi’s new multi-port charger. The charger comes with 6-ports and should cover all your charging needs.

Xiaomi 6-port charger

One of the six ports is a USB-C port that supports Quick Charge 3.0 and USB Power Delivery. There are also five USB-A ports including another Quick Charge 3.0 port.

The multi-port charger has a glossy white finish which does look good but we would like it better it if it was available in black too. The sides are curved and there are hidden LED lights that become visible when it is plugged.

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The charger has a 60W power rating and a 100-240v voltage input which means it should work in any country. It is also compatible with Apple and Android devices.

This is Xiaomi’s most expensive mulit-port charger yet but also the one with the most features. It will go on sale on March 7 at 10:00 AM (local time) for just ¥129 (~$20).