Light Phone 2 is a Pricey e-ink 4G Touchscreen Phone With a Few Basic Apps

by Jed John 0

It is possible some of our readers may not have heard of Light Phone but they have a product that might interest you. Light Phone is a slim, credit card-sized phone designed to be a replacement for the smartphone for those who are battling with addiction to their smartphones. It comes with just a few basic apps ideal for calls, text messaging etc.Light Phone 2

The first Light Phone was created by Joe Hollier, an artist, and Kaiwei Tang, a product designer who both met each other at a New York-based Google incubator in 2014. The device was first announced in 2015 with a 10-digit keypad just for calls but it wasn’t until January 2017 it became available to buy. The device has now got its second-gen model dubbed Light Phone 2 which still maintains its minimalist design but it comes with a few more features, such as replacing its 10-digit number pad with a touchscreen. The new Light Phone 2 also features 4G support and include the ability to send text messages.Light Phone 2

There is the possibility of the device getting new options in the future, such as maps, music and ride-sharing technology, possibly with a partnership with Uber or Lyft. The old Light Phone made it easier for people to forward calls from their main device to the Light Phone and this second-gen model will also share the same feature. Another feature that could be a plus for this phone is the battery durability which should be high considering it uses an e-ink display. 

The device is now available on Indiegogo crowdfunding platform for $250 but when it is launched it will come in quite pricey at $400. The Light Phone 2 will be released into the market in April 2019.