Meizu 15 Trio Appear On TENAA: Lists Screen Size, Battery, & Dimensions

by Habeeb Onawole 0

With the Meizu E3 out of the way, the focus is now on the Meizu 15. The anniversary edition flagship is expected to come in three variants which have been spotted on TENAA.

The three devices are listed as the Meizu M891Q, Meizu M881M, and the Meizu M871Q which we believe are the Meizu 15 Plus, Meizu 15, and Meizu 15 Lite respectively.

Meizu 15 Plus (M891Q)

The Meizu 15 Plus has a 5.95” display. It packs a 3430mAh battery and measures 153.8 × 78.25 × 7.25 mm. It runs an undisclosed version of Android and has dual SIM support.

Images provided show the phone has dual rear cameras. The cameras are stacked vertically and sit in the middle of the phone. There is also a ring flash below the setup. Power button is on the right and volume control buttons sit on the left.

Up in front, the phone has slightly smaller bezels. The front facing camera sits at the center of the top bezel and the bottom is home to a circular home button. This likely doubles as a fingerprint scanner.

Meizu 15 (M881M)

The Meizu 15 packs a smaller 5.46” display along with a smaller 2940mAh battery. The dimensions are also smaller at 143 × 72 × 7.25 mm.

The design is identical to that of the Meizu 15 Plus with the only difference being the gold brushed metal back instead of black. However, the front of the phone is black too with the same circular home button.

Meizu 15 Lite (M871Q)

The Meizu 15 Lite has the same 5.46” screen as the Meizu 15 but it is possible the resolution is lower. It has a slightly bigger battery too (3000mAh/3050mAh) and measures 143.62 × 72.38 × 7.5 mm.

The significant difference is in the design and camera. The rear is home to a single camera but it has the same ring LED flash. The back is metal with a matte gold finish and visible U-antenna lines at the top and bottom.

The front of the Meizu 15 Lite is white but it shares the same design as the other two. The white bezels lets us see that there is an earpiece at the top of the camera. It is a very thin slit positioned at the edge of the frame which explains why we didn’t see it on the other two.

The SIM tray and power button are on the right and the volume control buttons are on the left.

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Meizu still hasn’t announced an official release date for the three phones

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