OPPO Find X Fresh Teaser Suggests Arrival of 5x Optical Zoom Periscope Dual Camera or 3D Facial Recognition

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 0

OPPO will be debuting the Find X phone on June 19. Until then, the company will continue to release teasers on the features of the smartphone. A fresh teaser that the Chinese manufacturer has added on its Weibo account reveals the Find X will be either equipped with a periscope camera that offers 5x optical zoom or it may feature the advanced 3D structured light module for 3D facial scanning.

The Weibo post that accompanies the following poster reads “Galileo looked at the sky, and the vast universe was unlocked” and the text on the image reads similar thing, “Focus on the sky and the universe to unlock it.” Also, the poster shows a man viewing the sky by using a telescope.

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017, Oppo had showcased how it could achieve 5x optical zoom by using a dual camera setup that includes a OIS enabled telephoto lens and a wide-angle lens. The setup also features a prism for diverting light through a periscope. The refraction of light lets the camera to zoom up to 5 times on far away objects without using large-sized lenses. Apart from the hardware, the software also plays a vital role in stitching the image data captured by both the sensors.

The main function of a telescope is to zoom into the sky for getting a clear view of the planets and other heavenly bodies. It appears that the new teaser of the Find X shows a man using a telescope suggests that the smartphone could be arriving with a 5x optical zoom enabled dual camera setup.

The other thing that can be deduced from the teaser image is the arrival of 3D facial recognition feature on Oppo Find X. The word “unlock” in the Weibo post hints that the Find X may offer an innovative way to unlock the phone.

The Chinese manufacturer had showcased its 3D structured light technology through a press event in the previous month. Hence, it is speculated that the new teaser could be suggesting 3D facial unlock feature. Interestingly, one of the recent leaks have claimed that the Oppo Find X supports 5x optical zoom and 3D facial scanning.

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It is not clear whether the Oppo Find X will have 5x optical zoom enabled dual cameras or 3D facial recognition or both. Hence, it is advisable to wait for the company to release more teasers on the phone. The smartphone will be unleashed at The Louvre in Paris, France on June 19.