Poster Reveals Full-Screen Nubia Phone Is The Nubia Z18S

by Habeeb Onawole 0

The Nubia Z18 is yet to launch but there is a chance it won’t be announced alone. A new report says the dual-screen phone we saw earlier today may launch alongside it as the Nubia Z18S. An official poster showing the device and confirming the name has also surfaced.

A Nubia Z18S isn’t surprising since Nubia did launch a Z17S last year, but that was in the fourth quarter and four months after the launch of the Z17. So it is surprising that it wants to launch both the Z18 and Z18S together.

Nubia Z18S Poster

Unlike the Z18 which has a notch similar to that of the Essential PH-1, the Z18S doesn’t have a notch at all. Its screen takes up nearly the whole front of the phone with just a little sliver of bezel at the bottom and top.

The Z18S not only has a notch-less display, it also has a second screen at the back of the device just below the dual rear cameras. This second screen isn’t an e-ink display like that of the Yotaphone series or the Hisense A2. It is actually a smaller LCD display that appears to be over 5 inches in size.

The second display will serve as a viewfinder for taking selfies instead of the larger display in front. So basically, the rear sensors are the only cameras on the device, and depending on the screen in use, you are either taking a selfie or a normal photo.

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This is sort of a weird way to achieve a fully bezel-less smartphone and it raises some questions such as battery life and cost. Dual-screen phones have not seen much success and it doesn’t look as if they will be popular. Nevertheless, we look forward to seeing the Z18s.

The source says the Z18S will have the same key specs as the Z18 which is a Snapdragon 845 processor, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. It will also have its fingerprint scanner on the side.

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