Samsung Gear S4 Seen At ECC, May Launch Alongside Galaxy Note 9

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Samsung’s Gear S3 smartwatch was released in August 2016 which means it’s nearly 2 years old already making it overdue for a successor. There is a chance the successor, which should launch as the Gear S4 may arrive alongside the Galaxy Note 9 in August.

The Gear S4 has been seen at the ECC prompting speculations that it will arrive soon. And what better time to announce it than at the Galaxy Note 9 Unpacked event.

Gear S4 ECC

The ECC listing doesn’t reveal any specifications but lists multiple models. These models, four in total, should include a classic version, a classic LTE version, a sports model which should launch as the Gear S4 Frontier, and an LTE Frontier model.

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Earlier leaks about the Gear S4 have said that Samsung will employ a new manufacturing process for the watch’s chipset, thereby creating more space for more hardware. The additional space will allow Samsung to fit in a larger battery into the watch.

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