Land Rover Explore rugged phone focused on car navigation launches in Europe

by Michele Ingelido 0

The famous 4×4 car manufacturer Land Rover announced its first rugged phone named “Explore” back in February and now, finally, it has been launched in Europe. In case you do not know, it is a very tough phone which can be dropped from heights up to 1.8 meters without any damage. Further, it has the IP68 certification which makes it waterproof: it is possible to submerge it up to 1.8 meters deep, even in saltwater.

Besides having a rugged design, the handset is focused on car navigation as it offers an extra 25 mm ceramic patch GPS antenna which improves the reception and provides more accuracy than classic smartphones’ GPS modules. Land Rover Explore has been manufactured by the same company which makes CAT phones (the most famous rugged mobile devices). It has just been made available to purchase in the U.K. through the official company’s site and the online store Clove.

Its price is £600 + VAT which roughly translates into $792 dollars + VAT. Even Germany is offering it through Saturn, Cyberport, and NotebooksBilliger with a price tag of €650 and a free Adventure Pack (which includes a battery pack). Land Rover Explore is a high-end device powered by the octa-core MediaTek Helio X27 chipset, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB ROM.