Xiaomi’s latest crowdfunding product is a Smart Dryer

by Habeeb Onawole 0

The Mijia crowdfunding platform keeps adding new items every week. At this rate, you can practically buy all you need for a new home on the platform. Its latest product is the Mr. Bond M1 Smart Dryer and it sure is a pretty cool household appliance.

The design of the smart dryer is its biggest selling point. If you live in a small apartment or a block of flats where it isn’t possible to spread your laundry outdoors, then you may want to add the Mr. Bond M1 Smart Dryer to your list of things to buy.

Mr. Bond M1 Pro Smart Dryer

The whole contraption attaches to your ceiling, measuring 1000 x 316 x 73 mm when folded, and 1690 x 496 x 156 mm when fully extended sideways. There are two variants of the dryer – there is the M1 and the M1 Pro. The latter has an electric heating filament and fans that blow hot air to your laundry to dry them faster.

Irrespective of the model, there is a button (wall switch) operated lift that holds the rack and dryer itself. The lift can be extended downwards up to 1200mm at the press of a button while the dryer (M1 Pro) can be extended by hand up to 940mm. Maximum weight of clothes the dryer can hold is 30kg.

Apart from the button that controls the lift, the wall switch also has a button for controlling the LED (available in both models). You can also control the dryer with the Mi Home app. However, there is an additional app feature for the Pro version that lets you set the duration you want the dryer to work.

The Mr. Bond M1 Smart dryer weighs 8kg (10kg for the Pro). The LED light and lift consumes a total of 153W of power but the Pro version adds an extra 500W when the dryer is in use. In standby mode, the power consumed is 0.9W for both models.

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The M1 Smart Dryer is priced at ¥899 (~$136) for the base model and ¥1299 (~$196) for the Pro model. The manufacturer ships it with 10 hangars in the box but your regular metal hangers should work too.

It has already crossed its crowdfunding goal and is expected to start shipping as from August 14.