Check Out The Exclusive Brand Store Sale On GearBest

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As part of its latest promotion sale dubbed Exclusive Brand Store, GearBest is offering unmissable deals on several products. In order to facilitate the search process, these items have been split into multiple categories.

We’ll check out some of these sections, the products available and the discounts GearBest is currently offering on them. Note that the reduction in the retail price of these products will only be valid for a limited period of time.

Flash Sale

You can get massive discounts on various items featured in this category. For instance, there’s a 58% off on the gocomma Electric Fly Trap Device which usually sells for $18.95. Thanks to the discount, the items can now be yours for just $7.99.
Likewise, GearBest is doling out a 17% off on the Alfawise X 3200 Lumens HD 1080P Smart Projector, bringing its original asking price of $229.50 down to just $189.99. On the downside, there were only limited pieces of each item left at the time of writing.


Renowned for crafting top-end electrical appliances, Alfawise is a popular brand among tech buffs. Bearing its demand in mind, GearBest is offering huge discounts on a broad range of Alfwaise branded products.

For the sake of an instance, the Chinese online store is offering a noteworthy 20% off on the Alfawise S2 Smartwatch, which would usually set you back $28.82. As a result, the device can now be yours at a lowered price of just $22.99.


GearBest is giving discounts on select items featured in this category. For example, you can get 50% off on the Gocomma 10X 42mm Monocular Telescope with Phone Clip, which usually sells for $19.99 on GearBest, but is now available at a slashed price of just $9.99 on the site.

Alternatively, you can go for gocomma Backpack with Bottom Shoes Pack Bag, which now carries a 33% discount. As a result, the item’s retail price of $13.64 has been reduced to just $9.09.

Aside from that, GearBest is giving discounts on other popular brands including Utorch, Excelvan, Zanflare and lots more. If you’re interested in checking out rest of the products and grab these deals before they come to an end, simply follow this link.

Get Big Discounts On Various Products On GearBest