Get Big Discounts On Two Versions Of Xiaomi Black Shark Smartphone [Coupon Codes]

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Xiaomi made its long-awaited Black Shark smartphone available to the public in April this year. As expected, the phone became an instant hit among tech buffs and smartphone lovers.

On the downside, the feature-laden Black Shark smartphone doesn’t come cheap. In fact, the 6GB RAM + 64GB ROM version of the phone would usually set you back $704.64, while the 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM variant comes bearing a steep price tag of $689.99 on online stores.

But if you aren’t willing to spend that kind of money on a smartphone, we got good news for you. GeekBuying is currently giving big discounts on the aforesaid versions of the Black Shark mobile phone. Let’s head straight to the details.

The Black Sharp smartphone offering 6GB of RAM along with 64GB of onboard storage is currently available at a lowered price of $539.99 on GeekBuying. Much to the delight of cost-conscious buyers, the site is giving a 23% off on this version of the power-packed smartphone.

You can get an additional $40 off the phone’s already discounted price simply by applying coupon code ‘GOTTEPLD’ at the time of checking out. Regrettably, the coupon is slated to expire on September 2nd.

Xiaomi Black Shark Gaming Phone
This promo will end in just 1 day so follow this link without wasting time in order to take advantage of the discount.

Alternatively, you can buy the 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM version of the Black Shark phone at a reduced price of just $649.99 on GeekBuying. This is a 6% reduction in phone’s retail price, and the reduction will be valid for just 1 day.

You can save an extra $70 by applying coupon code ‘BAEWPAEQ’ at the time of checking out. In other words, you can considerably reduce your modest grand total to $579.99 by applying the above-mentioned coupon.

You can follow this link in order to avail the discount and use the discount coupon which will be valid until September 2nd.

Get 23% Off On Xiaomi Black Shark Smartphone



Get 6% Off On Xiaomi Black Shark Smartphone

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