Buy Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop For Only $1399.99 On GeekBuying [Coupon Code]

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Cost-conscious video gamers are no stranger to substandard gaming experience as a result of using a low-end gaming PC or laptop. If you’re an avid gamer looking for a low-priced, yet power-packed gaming laptop, look no further.

If you are on a tight budget and aren’t willing to invest in a high-end gaming laptop, GeekBuying is offering something for you to cheer about in the form of a big discount on the top-notch Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop. Let’s check out the details.

Breaking with the tradition of making smartphones, Xiaomi began offering powerful high-end laptops, much to the delight of Xiaomi fans. Keeping in line with this, the Chinese electronics manufacturer even launched its first-ever notebook targeted directly at gamers.

Dubbed as the Mi Gaming Laptop, the gaming notebook regrettably didn’t come cheap.  We’ll not only divulge details about the discount but also show how you can save extra money without breaking much of a sweat.

Bearing its skyrocketing popularity among gamers in mind, GeekBuying is now doling out a 29% discount on the coveted notebook’s original asking price. While it normally sells for $2049.99, you can now buy it at just $1449.99.

On top of that, you can apply coupon code EVWFTMRS to save an additional $370.08 at the time of placing your order. In other words, you can bring your already discounted grand total further down to $1399.99 simply by using the aforesaid coupon.

On the downside, the promo is slated to end in just 6 days so if you’re interested in buying the Mi Gaming laptop at a reduced price, follow this link without wasting time. It is also worth noting that the coupon is likely to expire soon as well.

Get 29% Off On Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop

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