Nokia may release a smart speaker according to this teaser

by Habeeb Onawole 0

It has been more than a year since HMD Global got the license to start making Nokia branded products. However, all its product releases so far have been phones (feature and smart). A new teaser from the manufacturer hints at a new product entirely.

The teaser which was posted on Weibo earlier today is a gif that shows the Nokia X5 get enclosed in a blue box with musical notes flying out of it. There is also a text in a conversation bubble that translates into “All-round graduate 2018”.

Apart from the gif, a translation of the caption for the post says “everyone is coming to see what this is! Keywords: Square, hard, speak”. Based on the keywords, there have been multiple guesses on the product being a speaker and probably having smart capabilities.

Nokia doesn’t have its own voice assistant. Nokia phones sold outside China run stock Android so Google Assistant is what is on board. However, there were reports back in January of 2017 that Nokia (the main Finnish company) was working on an AI assistant called Viki. We guess it’s finished now and will arrive first on the smart speaker made by HMD Global. It is a wild guess so don’t take our word for it.

Nevertheless, we are pretty excited to see what the product is when it gets announced.

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