Xiaomi successfully tests 5G signals on its full screen slider phone

by Habeeb Onawole 0

5G is the big thing in communications right now and phone manufacturers are hard at work doing signal tests. Most manufacturers won’t release a 5G device until next year but the signal tests are already being carried out to ensure they are ready ahead of release.

Xiaomi 5G testing with slider phone

Xiaomi is the latest phone maker to confirm it has successfully conducted 5G tests. The info was shared on Weibo by Xiaomi’s president, Lin Bin, and it shows the test device which is one we have seen before. For those who don’t recognize the phone, that’s the yet to be released Mi MIX 3.

Last week, Mr. Lin Bin shared a photo of the Mi MIX 3 on Weibo shortly after Honor did a brief reveal of the coming Magic 2 smartphone. The Mi MIX 3 and the Magic 2 share design similarities. Not only are they full-screen phones, they also have a slider mechanism.

The same 5G testing photo has also been shared on Twitter by Xiaomi’s global spokesman, Donovan Sung.

While the image shared last week looked more like an official render, this new image is a live photo. Sadly, it doesn’t show the device slid-open. From the image, we can see Xiaomi is testing the popular 5G band – band N78 (20MHz). There is also a second band (Band N257 – 100MHz). The former band is the same one OPPO used for its own 5G test last week.

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According to the official Xiaomi Phone Weibo account, 5G download speed is ten times faster than 4G download speed. It also confirms that it will officially launch a 5G phone next year.

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