Buy M3 Plus Smart Bracelet For Only $9.99 On TomTop

by Vinay Patel 0

The market is crammed with all sorts of smart bracelets that can keep a track of your health and various activities. If you’re conscious about your fitness and looking for a feature-laden, yet low priced fitness tracker, you may want to take a look at the M3 Plus smart bracelet.

The multi-functional smart bracelet encourages its wearer to live a more intelligent lifestyle by monitoring their fitness through different functions like sleep monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, and heart rate monitoring It is even equipped with a pedometer, which features calories, distance, and steps counter.

While you’d normally end up spending a lot of money on a smart device that is compatible with Android as well as iOS operating system, the M3 Plus smart bracelet is currently available at a dropped price of just $9.99 on TomTop. This is a noteworthy 50% reduction in the device’s original asking price of $19.85.

This powerful smart bracelet works with IOS 8.0 and above, Android 4.4 and above and it supports BT 4.0. Moreover, it sports an HD 0.96in TFT color touchscreen display and is housed in a robust case made using ABS + PC material.

You can follow this link to check out more details about the M3 Plus smart bracelet and avail the discount. The discount will be valid for the black, blue and red color version of the smart bracelet.

It is worth noting that the sale is slated to end in 23 days. Moreover, there were only 298 pieces left for the Flash Sale at the time of writing.

Get 50% Off On M3 Plus Smart Bracelet