Redmi Note 6 and Redmi 6 Plus displays listed on online store

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It has been reported that Xiaomi is working on the Redmi Note 6, a successor to the Redmi Note 5. The phone is supposed to be announced later this year and will join the already released Redmi 6A, Redmi 6, and Redmi 6 Pro. Ahead of the release, a live photo of the phone’s display assembly has leaked online.

The image source is a store on the online shopping site, AliExpress. The images uploaded show the screen has a small notch at the top, about the same size as that of the Redmi 6 Pro. The notch has three cut-outs for the sensor, earpiece, and front-facing camera.

Redmi Note 6 display

The item description says the screen is 6.18” in size and has a resolution of 1080 x 2246. The display is also the LCD type which shouldn’t be a surprise since the Redmi series are supposed to be affordable. However, the price of the screen isn’t that cheap as the seller has slapped a $60 (excluding shipping) price tag on it. However, an on-going promotion will let you pick it up for $56.40.

While doing some digging around on the store, we stumbled upon the display of another unreleased phone – the Redmi 6 Plus. Yes, it appears there is going to be a Redmi 6 Plus and its screen is also listed for sale by the same seller. This listing is the first time we are hearing about the device.

Redmi 6 Plus LCD

According to the item description, the Redmi 6 Plus’ screen is 5.99-inches with a 1080 x 2160 resolution just like that of the Redmi 5 Plus (Redmi Note 5 in India) but the screen size is where the similarities end. The photo of the display assembly provided by the seller shows it has a notch and it is much bigger than that of the Redmi Note 6. It also has five cut-outs in total.

Redmi 6 Plus LCD

Two of the cut-outs seem to be for cameras which means it will pack dual front-facing cameras, one is for the speaker, another for the sensors and the last one is most likely for an LED flash. The Redmi 5 Plus has a single front-facing camera and a LED flash, so this is definitely a big upgrade if this listing is genuine. The price for the screen is $52 but it can be purchased for $48.88 for a limited time.

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The listings may be genuine but the only errors we have spotted are the resolutions of the two displays. At least we are quite sure the Redmi 6 Plus can’t have that resolution with that notch.

Hopefully, more information about both devices will surface in the coming weeks.

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