Don’t expect a Meizu 5G phone anytime soon based on founder’s statement

by Habeeb Onawole 0

A number of manufacturers have already been announcing timelines for the release of their 5G phones. While most of them are looking towards next year, Meizu plans to wait a few more years for the “technology to mature”.

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A statement by Meizu’s founder, Jack Wong (Huang Zhang) has revealed the Chinese smartphone company will take its time before releasing a 5G phone. Mr. Wong took to Weibo to explain why.

Based on a rough translation of the post, the former Meizu CEO said they will definitely release a 5G phone. However, he believes the first set of 5G phones can as well be termed test devices. The second gen models will bring key improvements over the first but the third generation 5G models are the ones the average user should look forward too as the technology would have matured then. This third generation 5G phones will likely include Meizu’s own phone(s).

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Going by the above statement, the earliest time we expect to see a 5G phone from Meizu will probably be in 2021. That’s a long time in the mobile industry but let’s hope it is worth the wait.