These Glasses Block Out Ads and Screens in Real Life!

by Simran Singh 0

Have you seen a tech that can block out all the screens in bars, restaurants, public places, or in transport? If not, then we are here to let you know about the IRL glasses which can block all these screens on the go. The new IRL glasses use a horizontal polarisation to make screens go dark as like they are turned off. Though, the new glasses seem to be inspired from some Hollywood movies. The idea is nurtured by Scott Blew, an entrepreneur and engineer, and Ivan Cash, an artist.

irl glasses

IRL Glasses are created by taking inputs from artists, designers, and technologists. The aim is to bridge the gap between art objects as practical tools for controlling technology. It gives you full control, what you want to see and engage with screens. It helps you to disconnect and reconnect with your own will.

Ultimately, these glasses help you to disengage your attention from unnecessary information, helping you to concentrate on your work. It helps to improve your focus on your goals and stabilize your thinking which usually changes upon watching some video graphic content.

irl glasses

These horizontally polarised optics has raised almost $140000 against the goal of $25,000 on

It helps to black out the LED and LCDs by using a different kind of optical film on the glasses. As per official saying, it is attained “By flattening and rotating the polarized lens 90 degrees, light emitted by LCD/LED screens is blocked, making it look like the TV or computer in front of you is off.” 

irl glasses

Any person can pledge for different amounts to get some discounts or even the product itself when successfully manufactured. For example, a pledge of $49 on Kickstarter will get you a pair of glasses, discounted from the retail price of $79.

“A lot of my works revolves around technology and humanity and specifically encouraging people to disconnect to reconnect,” Cash said, adding that screens are a daily distraction that leaves us feeling powerless.

IRL Glasses are set to debut in April next year for the price $79. It is quite useful in many ways and gives you the full control of what you see and watch.

What do you say about this? Share your thoughts on how you can benefit from it?


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