Huawei trademarks 10N, 20C, 20N, 30C, 40C and more for future Honor phones

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Huawei has filed multiple trademark applications for names of upcoming smartphones at the European Union Intellectual Property Office. Judging from these trademarks, we are pretty sure they are for future phones under the Honor brand.

Huawei Trademarks

The trademarks filed by the Chinese manufacturer are 10N, 20C, 20N, 30C, 30N, 40C, 40N, 50C, and 50N. Already, there is a phone in existence called the Honor 9N and the Honor 8C is one of the companies latest mid-range phones. So it is easy to piece it together that the trademarks are names of successors to the Honor 9N and Honor 8C.

Looking at the trademark again, one can deduce Huawei wants the Honor naming scheme to follow a similar path as that of its own Huawei-branded device. So instead of the Honor 11N coming after the Honor 10N, we will have the Honor 20N.

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This is the same direction the company took this year with the P-series and Mate series flagships which jumped from 10 to 20 instead of 11. The next P-series phone expected to launch in Q1 2019 will arrive as the Huawei P30. Also, Honor’s next V-series smartphone is expected to arrive as the Honor V20 and not the Honor V11.