Huami’s new update adds skipping rope mode and transport card support for Zhengzhou city in China

by Jed John 0

Xiaomi‘s partner Huami has announced a new software update for its smart wearables which will usher in a couple of new features. The update is version and it brings a new skipping rope feature under the sports mode. The update also adds a new dial-style watch face known as “Mechanical Metal”. In addition, for users in China, the update brings support for Zhengzhou Green City transport card which can be used right away. Huami also says the wearing detection algorithm is optimized to improve the accuracy of identifying the wearing state.Huami Amazfit

The new skipping exercise mode, as the name implies, will come in handy during skipping exercise by keeping count of the number of swings the user makes. The user can then set targets and as usual, the smartwatch notifies them when the target is met. This is an additional mode to the 11 sports mode that is available on the latest Amazfit Verge smartwatch.

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The bus card support for Zhengzhou city is definitely exclusive to the Amazfit Verge which as launched this year with NFC. The Verge could be seen as Huami’s first complete smartwatch as it is not sports-centric like the Pace and Stratos. Already, the smartwatch supports the transport cards of up to 165 cities in China covering over 20,000 public transport routes. The Zhengzhou city transport card makes it 166 cities.