Next year’s iPhone XS Max may be cheaper as Samsung is revealed to supply cheaper OLED panels

by Jed John 0

Samsung is known to produce the best OLED panels in the smartphone industry. Samsung Display International (SDI) supplied the first set of OLED panels Apple used on its flagship phone – iPhone X. The company was also responsible for the OLED panels on this year’s iPhone XS and XS Max. Unfortunately, the cost of the OLED panels took a good chunk of the overall production cost so Samsung is reportedly offering a more affordable option.iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

The affordable option which Samsung is touting for the next-gen iPhone XS Max doesn’t really mean the OLED panels would be of low quality. As a matter of fact, the panel known as Y-Octa panels were used on the Galaxy Note 9, S9 and S9+ and they make use of the in-cell touch technology. The technology allows for thinner, lighter, much cheaper. The cheaper panel will allow Apple to be more flexible with the XS Max pricing next year.

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The source familiar with the industry also disclosed that the Y-Octa panels were offered by Samsung for the production of the 2018 iPhones but that didn’t go down well with Apple due to the yield. The yield may have increased tremendously hence the decision to use it on the iPhone XS Max 2019.