Buy Tronsmart Element T6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker And Element Mega 40W Bluetooth Speaker For Lowered Prices On GeekBuying [Coupons]

by Vinay Patel 0

Music lovers who fancy listening to their favorite music outdoors usually spend a lot of money on headphones or earphones and end up buying a small pair of speakers that they can carry in their laptop bags.

If you are in the market for a cost-effective Bluetooth speaker, it might interest you to know that Tronsmart has teamed up with GeekBuying to offer its select Bluetooth speakers for unbeatable prices. On top of that, we will show how you can save a considerable amount of extra money at checkout.

Tronsmart Element T6 25W Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Capable of delivering an impressive 15 hours of play time on a single charge on a 60% volume, the Element T6 is an irresistible Bluetooth speaker. Its powerful bass offers a room-filling experience.

While you’d normally expect a Bluetooth speaker offering comparable features to carry a steep price tag, the Tronsmart Element T6 can now be yours for a dropped price of just $49.99 on GeekBuying. This is a 9 percent reduction in the device’s original asking price of $54.99.
Moreover, you can use coupon code GIZ_KDAYYEQW and get an extra $8 off before placing your order. In other words, you can reduce the original asking price of the Tronsmart Element T6 to just $41.99 simply by applying the aforesaid coupon at the time of checking out.

You can visit this link to grab the discount, which will be valid for the camouflage color version of the Bluetooth speaker for a limited period of time. Alternatively, you can choose from black, red color versions that come with and without carrying case.

Tronsmart Element Mega 40W Bluetooth Speaker

Designed to jazz up your audio experience by delivering powerful and compelling sound on-the-go, the Tronsmart Element Mega is touted as Luis Suárez’s top choice. It features a fully integrated touch panel along with a unique slide-to-control volume mechanism.

The Tronsmart Element Mega features 28 core high-fidelity large subwoofer horn that is capable of producing an output up to 40W. While this Tronsmart branded Bluetooth speaker usually sells for $75.99, you can now buy it for a dropped price of just $43.99 on GeekBuying.

As if that weren’t enough, you can even extend this 42 percent discount by using coupon code GIZ_FSRVODVH during the checkout process. The aforesaid coupon helps you get an extra $12 off by bringing the already lowered selling price of the Tronsmart Element Mega further down to just $43.99 before you click the ‘Place Your Order’ button.

If this unmissable discount on the Tronsmart Element Mega 40W Bluetooth speaker has stirred your interest, you can head straight to this link to grab it without wasting time. Note that the promo is slated to come to an end in three days.