Indian smartphone market grew 10% amid global slowdown last year reports Canalys

by Simran Singh 0

Last year, smartphone market witnessed a decline in total shipments for the first time in the last 8 years. This has affected the growth of various smartphone manufacturers including Apple, Huawei, and others. Turning out of odds, the Indian smartphone market has managed to register growth of 10% in the smartphone shipments last year. As per the consulting firm, Canalys, a total of above 250 million units were sold in 2018.

In comparison to 2017, handset shipments improved by 10%, making a place in the list of a few markets which posted full-year-growth. As per the report, a growth of 12 million handsets was seen in the market. Overall, it is the best growth that any market around the globe has achieved in 2018.

In detail, Xiaomi stood first in terms of total shipments. The Chinese company has managed to ship in 41 million smartphones constituting 29.9% market share. Xiaomi has witnessed 59.6% of overall growth with respect to the year 2017. Although, the Korean giant has made it to the second place with 35.4 million handset shipments, roughly converting to 25.8% market share. Samsung gradually improved than 2017 with increased growth of 20.4%.  In the last, Vivo, Oppo, Micromax managed to make their place in the top 5 positions.

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Surprisingly, both Huawei and Apple didn’t make it to the top 5 spots and ended up in the “others” category. The growth of both companies has stalled in India due to various reasons.

Moreover, Oppo’s numbers don’t include the data of Realme devices. The report carries the data of its subsidiary differently, ending up the confusion for readers.

The numbers above for the Xiaomi depicts that India is its biggest market around the globe. Last year, in the fourth quarter, it shipped 9.4 million smartphones in China, while a total of 10 million units made it to India.

It will be good to see some more competition in India, as the market has not followed the global slowdown.