Update: Goophone I5 Lite release soon…

So, you might of heard of the Goophone I5 that made a patent on their design that resembles  the newly iPhone.  Well alot of people want to get our hands on it, well you luck is now because we (www.android-sale.com) shall have it soon…most precisely this month, October 25, we acquired confirmed new from the factory. So if you want to get your Goophone I5, well head over to www.android-sale.com this October 25.

The quad-core version (Goophone I5) should release 1-2 months after the “Lite” Version of the phone, but it is yet to be confirmed.


Also, by using the coupon code “GP5OFF100″ The first 100 buyers will receive 5% off. The current price is 249.99$US, cheaper then other websites.

Engineer Sample Video

Specs Video


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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000372600312 Joseph Pojunis

    Wait, so will the quad-core Goophone i5 be available October 25th? That’s what the website has said for over a month now..The lite version is awful compared to the quad-core.

    • Ilymon Anexonel

      It is an error because I was actually told that it will be made 1-2 months after the release of the lite version… Other websites are falsely saying it is quad-core, or it actually isn’t the Goophone I5.

    • Ilymon Anexonel

      The dual-core is actually fast.

      • Jonnyleechee

        Have you used the lite version???

        Ive noticed that the goophone is the only version that comes with a metal casing other than the zophone(which is unavailable at the moment) -_-

        Do you think its worth it it to get this one Anexonel?

        • Ilymon Anexonel

          Yes Indeed, I myself will be getting it as soon as there is no more production issues with the company.

          • Jonnyleechee

            Interesting…im not sure if i will go for the lite version, since the nexus 4 will be out nov 14th ($300 quad core 2gb or ram can’t go wrong) i will most likely wait for the quad core version, but i am always on the lookout for updates from xda-ers and you!

            Let us know on XDA when you receive any info about this awesome phone!