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How To Setup GPS On MTK Phone

by Shine Wong 516 views13

GPS is one of most important feature on smartphone, you will never lost with your phone. The Google Map and other navigation softwares always provide direction service on your phone. The GPS features also is available at most cheap China phones which built-in MediaTek(MTK) processor. The GPS chip is integrated to their main processor. EPO (Extended Prediction Orbit) is one of MTK’s innovative proprietary off-line server based A-GPS technology. It supports up to 30 days satellite orbit prediction, which can be used to greatly enhance user experience by improving GPS Time To First Fix (TTFF).

Most users of China phone are comfused that how to setup GPS on their smartphone. Here is the guide base on HDC Galaxy S3 plus phone.

1. Access Setting > Location services, select most checkbox to make EPO working.


2. Access EPO settings:

If you select Auto download, the phone will download file when your phone connected with internet. You can can download the EPO file by click Download button.

When you finished all these setting, you can use GPS features on your phone.


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  • I tried this option but it says Download Fail 🙁

  • Thanks for the info. Do you know whether there is a driver for this phone for Windows 8 please

  • bikeriderfrance

    hi there tried this, download gets to 50% then stops,,i am unable to get gps on my clone galaxy S3..any answers geoff

  • Bipbip

    I have the same problem as others here: the EPO-file download is stuck at 25%. I think that the default server contaning the EPO-file is down. How can I specify another server?

  • golagha11

    Mine EPO-file downloads 100% and is up to date, but still no GPS. Any adea?

  • Thank u. It really works 🙂

  • rs one

    note 2 clone file downloaded but no gps

  • JMP

    Does it fix the GPS problem in the Haipai I9377? I doubt it. This is a no-GPS phone, even if it has all the HW. The SW is not good and the phone is un-rootable….

  • Ken Ng

    Hi Shine,

    I have a ThL W8 Beyond and I have the same problem as others here. The phone just could not connect to GPS. I followed your instructions to switch on the A-GPS and EPO. However, download gets to 50% and stops. The process was repeated many times, and the same message “Update EPO files failed” came up. Do you think the GPS chip in the phone is defective? Or is there a work around?

    I notice that others have the same problem and you did not make a reply for many months. If you are still around the forum, can you please help? Thanks a lot.

    27 July 2013

  • ronen

    hello all,
    i have the k-touch u86 and in the location menu the EPO does not appear…
    does this EPO is hardware chip or a software feature?
    how can i help my GPS to be better?


  • ajmal

    i have the same problem as others here: the EPO-file download is stuck at can i fix??

  • Neb

    I don’t have “location services” under settings at all, only “location access” and there are no EPO settings.

  • recycle bin

    mine works fine. its VERY tricky but once u know all the caveats it works fine. just navigated with GPS only after a phone reboot..