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How To Installi ROM For Hero H2000+ Phone

by Shine Wong 21

As I known, Hero H2000+ has 2 version UI, the Apple iOS theme ROM has no Google Play, some buyers want to update this to the original Android OS. If you want, please read this guide and install the last ROM following this guide.

1. This guide is base on Windows XP , if your PC’s system is Windows 7 or other, please install driver files in compatial folder.

2. Please download the last Android ROM, Flash tool software and MTK processor driver at these link:

H2000+ ROM:
Flash Tool Software:
MTK Driver:

3. Unzip these files, power off your phone, and star stalling process.

4. Install the driver at here: \MTK Driver\ComPortDriver\InstallDriver.exe


5. When completed, then exit 

6. At this folder: \MTK Drive\me6513-6573-Driver – USB VCOM Driver (binary)\2K_XP_COM\ usb2ser_2kXP.inf, install USB driver, if your system is Windows 7, please install this file: \MTK Drive\me6513-6573-Driver – USB VCOM Driver (binary)\Win7\ usb2ser_Win7.ini

7. Open the flash tool software: \SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1210.01 \ Flash_tool.exe

8. Click the “Scatter-loading” button

9. Select the correct file in the ROM folder: MT6577_Android_scatter_emmc.txt 

10. Click the Firmware>Update, and then connect your phone to PC by USB cable, the software will start updating

11. When the updating process is complete, then reboot your phone, and enjoy the new Android OS.

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  • kasakin

    kicks i like nice tutorial .

  • regil

    links not working…. any mirror?



      hello nikos…telika lithike to provlima me ta ellinika? kataferes na kaneis kati? an nai se parakalo voithise me…please help

  • please need help… i make them and all goes well
    now when make calls the screen be black
    when finish calls all be fine
    what can i do?

  • jan

    What is step 6? i do not understand

  • I need some urgent advice regarding this Hero H2000+. It has the Apple iOS theme running. I downloaded the facebook app but when I turned the phone on to reboot it, it wouldn’t get past the start up screen and was hanging and would not load up. I complained to the guy I bought it from and he reluctantly gave me another phone but told me there is a problem with the facebook app ? Now I’m scared to download anything to the phone as it might happen again. Does anybody else have this problem and is there an easy fix. Or should I update this to the original Android OS. Many thanks in advance.

  • jan

    where did u buy it addison? Whiich android do you have? I have some kind of apple iOS on the phone too. Try downloading the facebook apk online from the web, search on google. works fine for me.

    • I bought it of a guy from ebay, its running android 4 if thats any help Jan. Also did you understand the bit about step 6 ? because I don’t understand that bit either ?

  • j.khorelova

    hello, is the czech language in here?

  • emfes

    rom’s link dead


    i need help… i want a rom with greek language…helpppppppp

  • JM

    This is official or custom ROM? I installed on my device. And this battery lasting less than 12 hours.


    please someone help….we need greek language……please help us

  • Bart

    Step 6 doesn’t work for me? Install the .inf file? Because that doesn’t work. Please reply shortly, thanks.

  • siakasia

    Hey, I have windows vista so can you help me with step 6. I don’t know how to install this file because this is text file.

  • jc33

    Hello !
    Thanks for this guide : i correctly installed this original Android Rom, but now impossible to activate Wifi 🙁 I tried many times but no way .. Wifi worked fine with the Apple Ios theme Rom (but reboot blocked on Android screen with this rom). Any solution ? Thanks, JC

  • frank

    I tried it on my H2000+, works fine except audio. That means no sound when phone rings, no sound in video. A bit unpleasant situation. Any idea how to solve it ? Any other ROMs to try ?

  • will

    the link is off
    please up to other server

  • hi you have update from hero h 5000 android system 4.1 or 4.2 version?

  • jens

    the link doesnt work can you make a new one please?