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Lenovo A3000, Android tablet that has phone functionality

by Rosgani 11


If you’re looking for Android tablet but also has phone capability, the Lenovo A3000 is all you need, you can work, play and communicating with this devices.

The Lenovo A3000 is an affordable tablet with a 7-inch 1,024×600-pixel IPS screen and 1.2GHz quad-core MediaTek processor. The IPS screen is a definite advantage since has wider viewing angles making for a much more pleasant viewing.

The Lenovo A3000 runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean as all other newly announced Lenovo tablets. It features expandable storage supporting microSD cards of up to 64GB.
Lenovo A3000 mobile phone tablet as a revolutionary integration of the intelligent tablet-smartphone products, with fast Internet access anytime, anywhere, easy to carry and user-friendly call experience these three elements.

In the mobile network standard, the A3000 not only continue to support Wi-Fi, has further enhanced 3G capabilities, anywhere you can easily on-line, you bid farewell to find the signal embarrassing day. In addition, the A3000 using 7-inch screen size, but has thinner and lighter – weighing only 350g while the thickness is only 11.0mm, you can easily put in the bag or pocket, will be able to carry.

Breakthrough handset design, even without headphones, also makes it easy to call, to avoid the embarrassment of a speaker call, eliminating the need for cumbersome headset call. Equipped with the latest Bluetooth 4.0. A3000 dual card dual standby combination of speed Internet and high-quality call to be the best of both worlds, more in line with the Chinese consumer habits.

In addition to the above elements, the excellent performance of the Lenovo A3000 its icing on the cake. Equipped with strong new quad-core 1.2GHz processor, more efficient, more power, either in the game or application, can easily enjoy the experience more than 7 hours long.


A3000 screen praised IPS HD screen, support for 1080P HD video playback, bright and dazzling, perfectly realistic visual enjoyment. From the big game and high-definition audio and video in one hand and do grasp.

A3000 with its attractive appearance, optimized communications functions, the wisdom of quad-core processors, dazzling high-definition screen, and fun web experience, the authoritative definition of mobile phone tablet.

We assume that this products will become the starting tablet smartphone debut in the near future but different with the phablet which has a phone as a main function while the A3000 is the tablet as a main function.

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  • rey

    I have a Lenovo A 3000H but the call function is not enable how can I enable this function.

  • Fred Flintstone

    “I have a Lenovo A 3000H but the call function is not enable how can I enable this function”

    Mee too – just got it yesterday! 🙂 Bummer! It’s sold as as having phone functionality but this doesn’t appear to be in the current (16GB) ROMs! Brilliant tab though; best so far and I’ve owned lots. But… fitting a second (2G only) SIM is pretty pointless if all you can do just at the moment is to send SMS’s with it. Come on Lenny, you’re a brilliant company, so get your act together on this one!

  • Antonio

    I have ordered one myself too (should get it within the next few days) and I am getting a bit worried now. I was told it should be possible to make calls with it, but from ur previous comments, it seems not possible 🙁 Btw, where did u guys bought your tabs from?

  • mandla

    I have a 3000 same question as others.
    Does this tablet really make calls….I bought mine @ Telkom Tzaneen….
    Pls help

    • Devona

      have you been able to sort out the calling functionality?

      • lina

        There 2 version of lenovo a3000. with and without call facility

        • Lee-Ann

          which one do not have the call fucility

  • mm

    Same question

  • petar

    Help with the a 3000 lenovo PHONEEEEEEEE

  • Dabishi

    Beware lenovo about these worries you are causing to your customers, this can lower down your hardworking to the market with other competitors who are good in handling situations like this for the satisfactory of their customers. I personally, very disappointed in you.

  • Nicole Carter

    Ok let me help seeing that you didn’t really specify more.. There is two versions.. One with the call function.. that you mentioned.. and one that doesn’t have the call function.. how did you not mention that also? It is one of the vital roles of a tablet yet is forgotten.. People sorry the only way this Tablet will work is if you use an app like Viber.. but that app rely on wifi.. I have one so i know..