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4GB RAM And 128GB ROM, hold you breath for Ubuntu Edge

by Shine Wong 4


 Packing with ubuntu OS officially launched in Jan. , ubunton Edge is coming from the shadow now.  However what stuns us isn’t its ubuntu OS, distinct and cool exterior design but hardware specs.

Can you image a smartphone sporting 4GB RAM and 128GB ROM far surpassing other smarphones for now? Yes, ubuntu Edge is such a handset. Is there some secrifices for this ? Let us check out other configurations . Though with great memory, Edge still comes with  a 4.5-inch 720p display, 2 MP front and 5 MP rear camera and multi-core processor. In addition, what surprise us is that Edge runs dual OS including Ubuntu and Android, support LTE 4G network. Such sensors as gyroscope,electronic and barometer are also available.

Sure, the pricing of Edge can’t be inexpensive with price tag of $600-$830. But obviously, fans for it are still in large.

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  • vii

    i’ll wait for the review. this might be my next phone.

    • AGGIE

      keep tune with our website.

  • ubelai

    Multi-core processor, which they claim to be a top-end one around the time of whenever it is released. That should be in the headline.

  • m0e_03

    most of the specs are not as what canonical described..its way off.
    the price tags, the networks bands, the camera..the features..almost everything is not as what’s described by canonical.