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Goophone I5s First English Unboxing (Fake)

by Shine Wong 4


Okay so here is a unboxing of the Goophone I5s…note that this might just be sample of what is to be released, and they will ship with iOS 7 not iOS 6!

Now check out the tape and subscribe!

Update:  This is fake Goophone i5S, the real Goophone i5S only has Goophone logo on the back, there is no any Apple logo. This is a cheaper version iPhone 5S knock-off from China.

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  • Goophone Official

    This is fake Goophone i5S

    • MegaTron

      As it said in the title.

  • rrty

    goophone is a fake i5…so whats the problem lol

  • Ray Bel

    Another one to drop into the ‘fastcardtech’ trap. They setup websites, forums, youtube reviews, other shops…and then just ‘rebrand’ any phone they can.

    Just spread the word. Any review by FCT is 99% fake…