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Oneplus Two Is On The Way, Model Named Lettuce

by Shine Wong 2

Oneplus two

Oneplus is a young brand only 8 months so far, it is a new start in smartphone field. The Oneplus one is a top-level Android phone with unbelievable low price. Now, the 2nd phone is coming, as @evleaks reported, Oneplus two is named Lettuce, and also will be $299 price, but better specs.

oneplus 2

There is no more information about the Oneplus 2 phone, but I think it will out 3-4 months later, maybe more time.

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  • Danny

    Hahahaha… they can’t even deliver their first model, this is the most entertaining news I ever read.

  • Seth Alpine

    yes but it’s normal to shedule the next One (a little bit smaller..)