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Huawei’s Executive Trolls Meizu and Xiaomi for Using 2K Screens

by Linus 37

In this day and age, manufacturers seek to implement as much technology as possible into their devices. It has become a race of specs, which include chips and its clock speeds, architecture, Ram memory, software implementation etc. However, it is still quite difficult to perfect one department, which is a battery.

That being said, manufacturers work on higher resolution screens whereas 2k resolution has become a thing of a true flagship. Also, it means that the device is truly future proof. Well, it is a never ending discussion whether we really need the 2k screens or 1080p resolution is enough since the human eye finds it very difficult to distinguish what is over 300 ppi (this is the “Retina” threshold set by Apple).

Screenshot 2015-01-22 12.54.09

It seems that one of the Huawei’s executives Yu Chengdong has a similar opinion. He says that he sees other companies producing the smartphones with the 2k screens. However, he asserts that it is almost impossible for a human eye to distinguish a difference. What it more, he thinks that this is too big of a trade-off for a battery life.

In addition to this, Yu Chengdong also stressed that the Huawei made some tests recently with the Meizu MX4 Pro and the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro (yes, you have to do that once you operate in the tough market as China). The tests that came out were very negative to the battery life (the type of tests are not disclosed). In particular, the Huawei’s executive stresses out the unreasonable specs of the Xiaomi’s Mi Note Pro. He thinks that having only 3000mAh battery, which needs to power a 5.7 inches screen, which has 2k resolution is not enough at all.

To sum up, we are seeing the company’s future strategy for the future. The Huawei will probably not try to implement 2k screen in any of their flagship devices in the near future, but they better focus on more power efficient devices.

What is more, we have a comparison video, where we can see a speed test between the iPhone 5s and the Meizu MX4 Pro. Here in the video we can see the Meizu’s flagship lagging from time to time, which definitely could be due to the 2k screen, which is too hard to handle for the chip inside the device:

What do you think, what is more important – battery life or extremely high resolution screen? Let us know in the social poll or in the comment section below.

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  • did4skalia

    Of course (for me) battery life :O
    & I hope that will come very interesting flagship, or even more with MAX Full HD resolution, not 2K.

  • desponent

    The man is speaking the truth. I’d rather get 1080p phone with good battery than 2K phone with good battery. Since Oculus already get their facebook money, the phone display race to the bottom can stop.

    • Friedrich Nietzsche

      1080p *is* 2k

      • desponent

        Are you trying to argue semantic with me? I won’t participate in that.

        • Guest

          There is nothing semantic in that. 4k is 3840 * 2160 px (almost 4000 width), 2k is 1920 * 1080 px, because of the almost 2000 px width. Read this, if you dont believe me:

        • Friedrich Nietzsche
        • Friedrich Nietzsche

          To you, moderating asshole: What shit-site is this? Do you really have to delete and moderate my comments just to hide, that you wrote shit? But no suprise that this happens, when every wannabe-child-journalist can have his own blog.

          • Frank Tu

            Hi, Fx, your shi* was moderated by a wordpress plugin called disqus.

          • Friedrich Nietzsche

            Then you/the site maintainer should have an eye on his plugins. Because all I’ve posted was a link to wikipedia and nothing worth moderating.

          • Frank Tu

            I just approved it, too many ecommerce sites leave their links here, I have to filter that.

      • Nate
  • Nick

    On cellphones it’s battery life. On tablets, the better the screen, better will be the media consumption, therefore, better the tablet (at least IMO)

  • What is the point of having a 2k or even a 4k display on a mobile phone??? The human eye can’t see the difference on such a small display anyway. Make the batteries last longer, that is more important.

    • Cloud

      You can notice huge color differences, number one. How sharp things appear is also another difference. Reading text, for me, has never been easier than on my QHD G3. Just because you don’t see the difference doesn’t mean it isn’t there. My G3 has no problem doing an all day battery and QHD. Adaptive Brightness and the ART Runtime in Android 5.0 fixed almost all battery issues I previously had. It’s no issue to go all day with a quad-core 801 snapdragon, QHD screen, constant music stream, and constant bluetooth on my G3’s 3000 mAh battery.

    • Screamin

      Have you actually used a phone with 2k? If you did you wouldn’t have made your comment. Coming from a HTC ONE M8 to a Note 4, the difference is very apparent… And the M8 is known to have one of the best displays. I’m not one for force 2k down people’s throats, but I certainly won’t let this untruth be told about it. I won’t deny that it uses more battery than 1080, but I will say that the difference isn’t as huge as others immediately claim it to be. On my Note 4 I can take pictures/use gps/browse for work all day (14 hours) and still have over 10% battery when I get home at night. And in this day in age when external AND mobile sources of power are easily/readily available there is no excuse.

      • kazuhikoaikawa

        About the screen quality between HTC ONE M8 and NOTE 4, HTC ONE M8 use LCD and NOTE 4 use amoled. So when compare the screen quality between note 4 and htc one m8, note 4 will look more colourful, vibrant. darker in colour, so it does have the wow effect. Htc one m8 use lcd, so it looks dull and discolour when compare to note 4,
        so its up to your preference,

        screen test
        htc one m8 vs note 4= difference may be apparent
        note 3 vs note 4= difference not as much as htc one m8 vs note 4.
        These are my opinion, i do not own these smartphones, but demo them before.
        LCD VS AMOLED= difference apparent
        AMOLED 1920×1080 VS AMOLED 2k = not so much difference

        • Screamin

          I wasn’t talking about color… I know the pros/cons to the different types of displays. I was speaking about the clarity. With the M8 I can see pixels and choppiness on letters/numbers… On the Note 4 I can’t. Overall there is much less strain on my eyes. And no, I’m not holding the device 1 inch from my face.

          • kazuhikoaikawa

            Pixels and choppiness on the m8, not sure about that,
            have to check them out. Thanks for the advice.

    • that is a very good point…you guys wanted it…..the forums are full of comments from people that want 2k displays or even 4k. and about the human eye not entirely true…there are people that can see the difference…but most don’t… i have test it myself with some of my customers most couldn’t see the difference between 1080p and 540p, and now the same…customers that bought note4 couldn’t note the screen difference between 2k and 720p(xiaomi note) and not to mention 1080p(mi4) but some can see it clearly. for one my eye can see it, and the difference is small, and i agree with huawei ceo…they shouldn’t use 2k yet….or at least make 2 models. the thing is he should see to his company not bash the others the other…

      • Guest

        Read the edit…

    • Zhen

      After owning iPhones up to 5, Samsung S3, LG G2, One Plus and currently the Oppo Find 7, I can also say that 2k displays do make a difference. As you might know from the phone line up the dpi is increasing. I don’t disagree that there is a line where people won’t be able to see pixels at a certain dpi, but for me, I continue to notice the difference. Probably it’s going to level out on 2k,but again it depends on the screen size. If I get a 5.7 inch phone at 2k I probably will notice the increase in pixel recognition. But yeah so far, 2k displays still have a viable point. But all these rumours (maybe true) about 4k displays… That us a bit outta hand, that is where I would probably draw the line on smartphone display density, ~550 dpi. But like I said it depends to how sharp someone’s eyes can focus on these pixels. Mine just happens to be about 550dpi.

  • João Santos

    1080p is more then enough for a cellphone nowadays… yeah the human eye won’t be able to tell the difference from 1080p to 2k…
    And yeah i prefer a good battery life and smoothness instead of lag from times to times.

    • Kan9al

      1080p itself is overkill if you think about it.

      1600 x 900 on a 5.7in device yields a density of 322 ppi.
      And the screen’s clarity would be just as impressive as those 2.5K screens.
      With the difference being 960 x 540 = 518,400… half a million pixels wasted !

      The difference between 900p and 1440p on a smartphone could be as big as 1 day extra battery life.

      Again, we need to hit 2 day battery life on medium-heavy usage, and 3 day battery life on light usage. That seems to be a good balance.

  • CyberAngel

    1920×1080 & Miracast => FHDTV
    Those 2560 screens mess up my TV usage
    the next step would be
    screen STILL 1920×1080, but external screen via Miracast = UHD (3840×2160)

  • Blake Gripling

    I’d rather stick to 960×540 as long as the phone can last for more than a day, thank you very much.

  • American

    huaweii is pure shit. of course a cheap shit phone like theirs can’t handle it.

  • RH

    I have had a Huawei Mate2 since July. I wouldn’t trade it for anything, save a newer model when this one wears out. Screen is only 720p, with a snapdragon 400 & JB 4.3, but it can LAST 2-3 DAYS on ONE charge with a ton of browsing, texting, phone, video. I’ll take that over super duper specs any day. The screen is clear, easy to read. These “flagships” with super duper specs, tiny pixel density, and INFLATED prices…screw that! I’ll take a well built, optimized for performance device any day.

    • Yossi Cohen

      cuz meizu isn’t and android phone…
      its an iDroid phone.
      it has the worst parts of both worlds the design of ios and the lack of some stuff of android.(also a poorly optimized chinese firmware…)

      • RH

        I’ve never used a Meizu device, but, the Huawei Mate2, at least mine, is PERFECT. Works great, no FC’s, lags or anything else.

  • Screamin

    The video is pointless… Why don’t they show it competing against another android device?

    • Slifur

      Why? 5S was old but much faster than most of the current flagship now a days. Specs were just for papers and not in real world performance, and that’s a fact.

  • Cross Dev

    Lol this is why I went with the Oppo Find 7A instead of the Oppo Find 7. That nice 2K screen on the Find 7 negatively impacts performance, and you can see that in both real time when heavy gaming, and when you benchmark the thing. The 7A which has a 1080p screen has better gaming performance, no slow downs, and a way higher benchmark score. Same with the LG G3, G2 and Nexus 5, whom are all related. The Nexus 5 has aggressive thermal throttle, which makes it slower than the G2. The G2 has no thermal throttle, and is faster than it’s Nexus 5 brother. The G3 has a Snapdragon 801, which should make it faster than both, but it honestly falls behind the Nexus 5, all thanks to that screen. As for the rest of the matter, Huawei is in no position to criticize. It’s a nice way to pretend that they don’t want to go with 2K screens for a valid reason, but I’m sure it’s due to the fact that nobody would really be interested in their flagship even if it came with a 4K display, a Snapdragon 1000 (if it someday exists) and 5GB RAM. Xiaomi however is making a HUGE growth since their erection in 2010.

  • Nitish Vashishtha

    Someone had to say it. Stahp it with the ppi race!

  • デリック

    The problem I have with the screens is that no one takes advantage of them. Congrats. You have a 2K screen! Now everything will look like crap for awhile until someone optimizes everything for it. Had that problem with the first “Retina” screens most notably on the MacBook Pros but also phones like the new Note 4.

  • hazem elsaiegh

    I have OPPO FIND 7 , I confirm that QHD drains a lot of battery , but why huawei executive didn’t test the note 4 ?!!! , I think Samsung made a battery friendly QHD display

  • Aqwaman

    OEMs are rushing towards bigger screen resolutions like it’s the most important thing to improve neglecting the battery in the process.
    They’re, unfortunately, putting the cart before the horse.

  • Friedrich Nietzsche

    Nice try linking to the pic and not to the whole article. See the link above pls.